Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Right..today went "chasin" blue...met amy, dee, kelly n nora @ hotel...wanted to go to hmv too but couldn't be bothered liao...too tired...came home at like 5+ and dozed off immediately =p lolz...yups...thank god had like half day today so yeah muahahaz...otherwise i wudn't be chasin around...hiakhiak *innocent smiles* then went straight to hotel...den was in there for about 1 hours plus? den amy & i tried goin downstairs when the press was over....for almost half an hr...den the manager came...*mimicks* "Sorry ladies, may i know what you are doing?" woh amy's damn fast lolz...she went "oh we're waiting for a friend of ours and we're supposed to meet here but i havent seen her yet.." or something like that...but we got chased outta there so we went up stairs where the main entrance is and the seats there...den after a while the manager came up and went "Ladies, your friend hasn't arrived yet has she?" n blahhhhh...den he went "Would u mind waiting at the lobby instead?" n my friend got pissed and she was like starin at me n we were like "ISNT THIS THE LOBBY?!" sheesh den he tried to get us to buy drinks (oh don't bother...cant even afford a simple drink there) and blah so we got pissed and got outta the hotel...started callin amanda(we met her earlier on)...n all those..den we went back in cos amanda's friend oso kanna den she bought a coffee there which was like $8.50 when i could get one outside for like $2? oh and the waitress there has a totally HORRID attitude! she was like giving us that look...and all the more we stayed there LONGER and tried waitin for blue to get out..haha...den we waited till like 4..den we decided to go hmv and jus see see how the situation there is...we can't possibly wait till 6 anywayz..den yeah amanda's friend asked for the bill and the waitress gave us that look AGAIN which was like so horrid! lolz...anyway we went hmv look look...that part was alright...amy's funny *lol* she got out a postcard, wrote "Dear ant, si & ant, welcome......anyway we waited hours for u but u guys didn't come down........" lolz and she actually wanted to say THANKS A LOT! but nah we had to be nice *angelic loox* =p den she passed it to amanda who's in the queue already as someone else was queueing for her earlier on...den we jus went home and first thing - sleep. lolz...tired like mad...to think abt it...pretty interesting day....we were freezing cold in the hotel, melting when we were outside cos it was super hot! den we went in and out of the hotel for fun, to melt ourselves and when we had no choice...den went to hmv and laughed at the queue cos it was superrrrrrrrr long @ like 4+...den every1 was like in uniform...mos of them have a book in their hands...studying...lolz... typical secondary pupils =p well im the unique one *winx*

Saturday, August 24, 2002

havent been updatin lately again! =p lemmi add all d stuff..

saw this real cute n handsome dog! i'll put the pic below...some1's dog on the net which is the closest i can find but more groomed n cute than that =p man it was soooo gorgeous so we played with it for an hour and it loves me!! I SWEAR IT LOVES MEE!! lolz =p every1's like tryin to hug it n stuff but it kept turning to my side and then lie down while i pat it...it was cryin b4 that!! *sniffles* n when i had to go i actually cried...my bf for an hour lolz....i told my friends that and my friend, another dog lover, was like HEY U STICK TO BEN!! and im like oh sure =p lolz mad people in my class as u can see hehehehe....

Cocker Spaniel with a party hat

Lianne> thanx so much for calling!! at first i answered (my hp has no caller id...pathetic!), den im like who's this?! lolz...den i got a shocked it was u and i couldn't believe u called me all the way from therE!! den im like huh? where're ya? cos i was like thinkin HUH? LIANNE IN SG LIAO MEH?!! lolz (den u say i cartoon *rolls eyes*) lolz =p thanx anyway...owe ya a cake =p

happy bday to me anyways hahaha...got only 3 pressies...one's from my classmate she gave me a1 posters *laughs* thanx anyway...one was my cousin she gave me a necklace and a ring which is actually like 3 wedding rings but connected together...den my bro gave me a bracelet...hmmz...every1 luvs givin me jewellery eh? las yr my classmates gave me necklaces too lolz.....n rings....hmmzmzmz...thanx y'all anyway!!

right finally today! 24th,
Had oral today...chinese oral...i sucked at it!! eeew manz terrible!! gonna flunk it i guess..lol...hopefully the teacher is lenient enough!! *prays*

p/s: cant wait for tues, gonna see blue n amy n dee n the rez....cant wait for 1st sept, LIANNE!! *lol*

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

lolz sorri abt that pop-out thingie...lol onli one so couldn't have irritated u much rite hahaha....could've added more of those =p but i shant get rid of those nice wonderful ppl hu wanna come here to see my webby muahahz =p

2day's horrid!! art was horrid horrid horrid *grumbles* we have another F for cleanliness btw...AGAIN...for the 3rd time...sheesh...ah waddehell..anyways had a nice IT lesson today *laughs* was chattin wif amy all the while ooops :p nono i meant the lesson *nod angelic me* hehhehee....long distance away...i knew dee thru lianne...knew amy thru dee...she knew me thru lianne n dee lolz =p

lalala...still bored...=p wonderin wat else to add to this webby lolz...any suggestions PLZ ADD COMMENTS FOR ME!! lolz...runnin outta ideas u see...kaes i betta go off...hugs&kisses, ann xx

Monday, August 19, 2002

havent been to blogger lately heh...

anyways got half day next tues, 27th! YAY! *smiles* lemmi show off a bit lolz...we got consistency award for our arts -- choir, band & drama....den we got consistency award for being top 4 national championships in softball, tennis, badminton n one more which i cant remember...den we were ranked no.10! yayz lol...half day deedum..lookin 4ward 2 it :)

anyways, been workin on my art sheesh....we had to do using clay....3-d stuff *yawnz* well more interestin den drawin n colourin tho *sighs*

watched the a1live thingie again yesterday *laughs* i cant get over it! lol n lianne..cant believe ur missin those stuff..lol...lend u my tape when ur back or somethin yeah? :)

eeks man these few days PE we've been learnin FUNDANCE for our ACES daY!! SHEESH!! lolz....but too bad im in front of this REALLY enthu girl..so we had fun lor hahaha....

2 days ago (saturday) was our cross-country and we had ZANY Green Parade...den onli 10 of each class run, den the rest take part in the parade which was really cute...many called it the duno wat party...cant remember (now u noe how poor my memory is hehe =p)..anywayz, we won! lolz we were as tinklebell i think...however u spell that lol...all green like mad but i luv the skirt cos i cut it myself muahahhaz =p love it!! had gr8 fun lolz...we were singing along...den these army ppl there were supporting us *laughs* how embarrassing...im nv goin back there lolz...i'll try to post some of d pictures if i can but i doubt so...hee...so well :p

man loads to say but i 4got a lot...didnt have time to update this so sorry hehe...and daph...enetation's working liao..put ur comments thingie bacK! lol
Ann xx

Thursday, August 15, 2002

saw this really cute white furry cat this morning when i was off to school. it was followin this man whom i duno who, and then it stopped and the guy turned behind n it started mewing..then it saw me comin outta the lift and started mewin at me...so cute! lol..would've stayed longer with the cat if i wasn't on my way to schooL! *sulks*

hmmz...today's science was fabulous *laughs* we were supposed to have practical but our teacher wanted to start off with some theory because it happened on monday and we were all pretty blur n lost so :p yups..then we had to look through those microscope and look for the cells...we did human cheek cells and onion cells...and we had a hard time! lolz...we spent the whole of 2 periods on monday searching for the cells thingie and we couldn't find it even though it was jus a tiny little piece...*grumbles* den our teacher helped us today and he got it like after say 10 secs? not fair! hrrmph! anyways he finally told us the long term of DNA er..which slipped my mind...whatever acid *checks lianne and my history* deoxyribonucleic acid. lol :p ah but i won't need the long term yet *smiles @ lianne* =p she's apparently trying to get me to do bio lol...which i guess i will..well *shrugs* most of the classes do anyway :p

still have loads of stuff to be done but lianne hasn't been comin online so since she is now, might as well stay longer ryte? :p the most tml blame it on her =p oops! she can see this lol...

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

ahh got some quizzes *grinz*
What's Your Designer Style?
href="http://www.catwalkqueen.net">What's You Designer Style?

Which 10 Things I Hate About You Character Are You?
What's Your Perfect Teen Movie?
href="http://www.catwalkqueen.net">What's Your Perfect Teen Movie?

*yawnz* still in school *grumbles* comclub..wat ta do? bored bored! feel lyk goin home n dive into the bed lol :p

Lianne, yeah to think of it the answers are pretty expectable but i really thought there was only westlife n blue n nsync stuff and i had absolutely no bit of idea there was ben! pretty shocked to find that out tho but happies lol..

busy week for me...loadsa projects to rush through...one project jus 2 weeks before deadline and we're less than half done *gasp* darn lol..den got presentation AGAIN! i luv presentations tho...only if i'm prepared for it :p lol...ah well..b-o-r-i-n-g! guess i shall hunt for some quizzes :p catcha around!

Monday, August 12, 2002

aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! lol i saw this at mtvasia.com forum n every1 got shane, bryan, duncan etc but omg i didnt noe there's...

Which Boyband Member Is For You?

*screams n goes hysterical*

Saturday, August 10, 2002

hee...to daph> wat happened to ur enetation thingie? *shrugs* yeah im a nuthead for him ;p anyways gotta rush off to do my work :p last day to do liaoz hahah...:P kays b4 i go...here's a michelle branch quiz :)

what is your michelle branch theme song?

(brought you by april & patricia)

happy national day peeps! well...belated :p

finally back at achaea...hmmz...they changed the layouts eh? pretty nice now..but a bit laggy here n there..

anyways, watched some parts of the a1live thingie again *laughs* the ben part sayin about the hair never fails to make me laugh! lol..no wonder one part they say ben loves to make things up :p kays im jus a bit crazy about 'em now...just a bit *nod me* :p

i spent my national day night at my uncle's place watching mtv...how memorable lol :p but ah well..wat to do when i have nothing to do there? hee :p my bro watched signs today..he says it's not too bad..*shrugs* kays im off...take care!!

Thursday, August 08, 2002

Yesterday was cool! lol...we had National Day Celebration...and most of the ppl (more than 80% of 'em) wore ethnic costumes or red n white...cos we were celebrating Racial Harmony as well..but it seemed as tho i missed some fun by not wearin ethnic costumes..lol...prolly next yr eh? :) My AV duty was in the control room...it controls the light, volume and tape/cassette...i was controlling the vol..most cham of all lolz...but it was pretty cool..like er radio deejays...loadsa volumes to control lol...but the teacher was there anyway...so he helped me :p

After that, i met up with my cousin n watched Austin Powers in Goldmember..lol...it's nice but it's TOTALLY DISGUSTING! lol..including the Britney parts! *nod me* EEW lol...but i shall be nice enough not to say wat it's about..so go catch it urself :p

Last night i went to my cousin's hse to watch MTV, cos mi no scv *sniff* lol...but anyways, a1 was on!! *screams* they were in er...Thailand i think *nod nod* Prolly bangkok or something...Paul was grossssssssssss!! lol...he was showin d cam his er...nipple lol...n he went "dont tell ur mum or dad u saw my nipple!" n me n my cousin were screaming away lol...grossy dude!! ben was really cute! lol..he took a note from chris which was given by his fans n he read it, pretending to be a girl n went "Dear Christian, i dun like blonde hair. i like brown hair. long brown hair like ben's. Not like mark's...mark smells!" n i was laughing reallly hard...man...den mark was like "He made that up!" lol..den another one he read in the bus...it was for him..gosh this one is cute lol..he went "Dear ben, I like u a lot more than the others. But when i saw all of u, i don't know! Then one day when i woke up, i found out that i love mark!" n all of us were laughing...crazy manz....the fan's so cute! lol..ah thank god i taped it..gonna watch it again later ;-) tataz!


Tuesday, August 06, 2002

ehehhe..lianne sorry for copying :p i oso went to that humanforsale.com thingies...i worth less than u!! *pouts* im worth $1,611,130.00.
lolz that thingie's cute :p but some i duno den anyhow click one hahaha :p

Monday, August 05, 2002

i'm happy today :)
1)geog ca's over
2)i survived art :p
3)short week for me!

gee im a bit crazy today as well but who carez? ;p

still in sch...how i wish i cud download irc...but noone'll be there at this hour anyways...*sigh* i wanna go home! *sulks*
lost my bag er...so-called keychain..lost my chinese compo bk *sniffles* school's treating me badly *rolls eyes* hrrmphz! but im still happy..wat is wrong with me *knocks my head* lol...LIANNE IM SO BORED!! lol...i wanna download icq!! *grumbles*

one more b4 i go off hee :p

You are a very conservative and introverted person. You live in your own world and you're not very easy to approach.

Which Blogging Tool Are You?

Heya im backies ;-) today's horrible..had a headache since the 2nd period? so it's like had to tolerate all the way till school ends *mumbles* but i came home den i slept den im alright now :)

special mentions about my english period today. pretty interesting *laughs* :p our topic was on presentation...more like projecting of voices. so our teacher split us into 2, teamed up with a partner. so we have 2 different worksheets, same passages but different blanks. then we sat like 2 metres apart, and we had to shout to each other the answers. n it was in the hall and every1 was doing this and we couldn't hear each other so we were screaming away! lol...when it was over, i thought i was losing my voice :p well gotta prepare a presentation *sniffles* on some rubbish..she gave us this newspaper report on Nasa recruiting amateurs to go to space. so it's like we have to think of an occupation, and describe ourselves and give a reason why u should be chosen instead of all others...hmmzmmzz..2 min presentation...HELP ME WITH IT!! lolz :p hee...

national day celebration's jus 3 days away *smiles* im happyZ! but aiyar..have to wear ethnic grp costumes or red n white which obviously i'll wear red n white but i havent gotten a white skirt...or red skirt...*grumbles* ah well...

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Saturday, August 03, 2002

*sniff* im having a flu right now...and my bro had it a few days ago..so guess how i got my flu? *winx* :p

just got the imood thingie on my webby...i had it pretty long ago but i was figuring how to get it on my webby *blush* even when the instructions were pretty clearly stated :p

dee's bday was yesterday...she jus got the card yesterday morning. great timing eh? :) thanx amy for the addy :p

dreamt of michelle branch last night *giggles* weirdest dream on earth! my mum kept waking me up but somehow, when i fall asleep again, it's the same dream! lol..usually it turns into another dream u see...ah well..just now, i wanted to listen to the spirit room and i was searching ALL OVER and i realised it's in the CD-rack..*sighs @ self* hey im sick! wat dya expect lolz...*excuses* :p

more quizzes :p hehe

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sorri a bit bored..so yeah hhee

Friday, August 02, 2002

im happie today. :p had my napfa yesterday which was pretty disappointing but nevermind..it's over, so waddeheck? lol..tml's dee's bday! sent her a card *smiles* real childish one but it's quite nice lorh..hee...but ah well..hope she likes it anyway...