Monday, September 30, 2002

damn. im pissed yet the comp doesnt wanna help me at all. im freakin irritated by the old one at home. *imitates voice of gram's* jus now ur cousin come down u chat and laugh with her. exam time still like that. tell u dono how many times u dono how to listen. now then u come and use the comp. use until 10+ sure havent finish using one. den ur bro no nid to use izzit? den he use hafta use til the middle of the night izzit?

**** IT!! damn damn DAMN HER!! ello? when i had to go to the damn sch from 7+ to 1.40 I STUDIED LIKE MAD. AFTER THAT I STAYED BACK FROM 2-4.30 FOR WAT? STUDY NON-STOP! WAN TO COME HOME DE-STRESS BY USING THE DAMN COMP. den i saw my bro using. so i didnt use. then he told me if i wanna use can use. so i went to use. DEN SOME FREAKIN A*SE jus came nagging the hell outta me when ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS USE THE DAMN COMP! IS THAT A FAULT? WHEN MY BRO DIDNT DISAGREE?!

and freak it ol' lady. exams period DOES NOT mean i m not allowed to talk to my cousin. IT DOES NOT mean u can jus come threatening me with those words. IT DOES NOT MEAN u can jus come telling me "oh im gonna tell ur uncle about this" DO U THINK I FREAKIN CARE? OH WHERE D HELL IS JUSTICE. now got friends i oso wanna watch. den if i watch she'll say i watch tv nv study. FREAK HER. dont care im gonna record the freakin show. n now my mum comes nagging. FREAK IT!! the more she says the more my gram's gonna NAG!! SHUT UP EVERYONE! IM GOING OFF! DOES THAT FREAKIN SATISFY U?!

Saturday, September 28, 2002

planned my schedule for weekends just yesterday for my exams *groan* they suck. think im gonna change it to more rest time *grin* im like 2 blocks behind my schedule now..(what m i doin online?) sigh. havin a science ca on tues which suck to cos i've got plenty to do and i still have to study for that *mutter*

well had a weird dreamt i was in school with a friend..we did some website stuff...then we had to write a report for the papers! den the next day my mum gave me the newspapers and i saw the report! lol! we started off with Dear Anna, blah blah blah i cos we thought erm..u noe some reports they go to someone? er yea u get the pic. but on that page, ours was the only one which started off with that which was pretty the people prolly go "who d heck is anna?" lol..well ok that anna isn't me *cough* weird stuff..n i clearly remembered it was a monday! *giggle* prolly scanning through tml's papers :p

well *sigh* still a bit stressed...felt like slacking around but im already lacking behind. loads of papers to do. still reluctant to leave the comp. HELP! lol...but well...for erm...amy n lianne's sake? lol...right ill go off in 5 minutes *crosses fingers* hopefully i can resist.

Friday, September 27, 2002

*moans* exams are just ONE WEEK away!! NEXT FRIDAY!! (which is why i'm feeling yucky) ahhH!!! *screams* goin crazy soon at this rate..i've got like wha-? LOADS TO DO!! maths homework...chinese TWO bks summore...english's like got this kinda like compo thing! den i've got all the papers in the world to do!! then ive got to complete a few assessments *STRESSED!* think i gotta plan a timetable in a while *yawN* meanwhile it's my turn to de-stress *grin*

aye today we played netball...and we always wiN! *GRIN* aye wif me in the team..of cos lar...*bhb* jus kidding lar...*grin* we played yesterday against another class...a grp of 8 vs them...different grps after a while la cos we switched...and it's so fun lol...they NEVER scored a goal and we kept cute man they *rofl* then today no other sec1s around so we played vs our own class...LOADS of accidents around but im ok! lol...we won again anyway *beams* but 2-1...*mutters* lol..we STILL won anyway lol...

oh yeah my yahoo accnt was like TOTALLY SUCKED!! my thingie was hacked i reckon...i had been using the same password for yahoo as for hotmail and i've used it for months! and now when i signed in wif da same password, it keeps saying invalid password which got me pissed for the mo..which was why i was annoyed the day my new email now is which is SO off-pissing...cos it's like all my personal stuff in that accnt like my passwords to stuff n all ARE GONE! *grumbles* how irritating can yahoo get...or maybe that hacker...ARGH!! *sigh*

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

las night i had a weird dream AGAIN! lol i had my ez-link card..den u know students one got the barcode in front? den *shrug* in the dream i was trying to hard to get it scanned! lol i was like trying to scan one side, den the other but it jus didnt give me that sound!! u know that sound?!! lol it's so crappy!! den ppl were behind me waiting for me cos i was blocking their way *evil grinz* ;p

Sunday, September 22, 2002

i had a REALLY weird dream...dreamS i mean :p but i shall jus mention one cos the other's a bit confusing :p
i was at mcdonalds with *thinks* dee and another girl who i cant remember who(aint v impt here anyway)..and then lianne came along to meet us...then we went to order food...i remember asking for nuggets and coke cos i cant finish the whole set as i ate something earlier i reckon...then this waiter went do u wan some *cant remember what stuff*, so that u can get *dunno wat stuff either* for free? and im like er no cos i cant finish! then he gave me 2 slices of pizza and a mash potato (?!) n im like er i ordered coke not mash potato so he gave me coke and i went back to my seat. then dee and lianne n that girl went "i thought u wanted nuggets?" n i was like yeah but he gave me pizza? den they asked me to go back and ask for nuggets. so i went back but another counter and b4 i said anything the guy went "oh u wanted coke rite?" den he went off get me a coke and went off again...den im like having 2 cokes and 2 slices since when did mcdonalds sell pizza? lol...

part 2 was with my cousin...weird stuff...*shrug* aint too sure about the dream anyway...
part 3 was a play...something to do with achaea! *giggle* it was like some sort of play..they're telling u about achaea stuff...(and i remembered dee and another girl was in it...i think it was lianne! *giggle*) then it's like they let u follow that character while they tell u the whole thing...and halfway through, i couldn't find dee n er lianne? but suddenly i saw my mum?! was REALLY weird...some huge place which i dun think singapore has that space just for a play *grin* :p no idea...weird dreams im having..
well i was dreaming of part 1, followed by part 2 then my mum woke me up and i slept again then i dreamt of part 3..weird aint it? lol

Friday, September 20, 2002

What is your Alter-Ego

aight im in sch *grin* but well after sch...*shrugs* waiting for my fren so might as well update a's been long since i update! lol..

anyway, a bit frustrated with my sch library's so freaking irritating! i borrowed this shakespeare bk in JULY..then i returned it just b4 the due date and these bunch of sec1 girls( i noe they're same age dammit but they're seriously irritating ) who are librarians, they saw the bk and were like wah this girl mad ar borrow such a thick shakespeare bk (PLEASE! i jus wanted to see the romeo n juliet part but read halfway dun understand so return liao lol) THEN, i donno..i was like can i go now? den dey nod n i left. few wks after due date, i received this note of not returning library bk. im like wtf i RETURNED it to those bunch of irritatin rubbish? den i went back and told this lady in charge (she's not a teacher) after i found the bk ON THE SHELF and she went oh ok. den she took my slip of paper n i left. then after a while i got another piece of paper but i decided to ignore it. then today i just got ANOTHER BIGGER PIECE of paper which says "if u ignore this reminder, we will take actions" and blah..den after that i went back to the library jus b4 i came online and the TEACHER was like oh the girls havent scanned it yet. n im like freak man!! lol...i found it on the shelf AGAIN that's why...and she finally SCANNED IT IN FRONT OF ME den i left. *mutters* see how irritating they can be? im gonna tear those papers later *grin*

oh yar yesterday i didnt do class duty and i had to sweep, tidy tables n chairs and clean the board today k! i look like 35 mins to finish?! it's so clean now *grin* if they're checking classrooms today, i'm confident we'll get A but i doubt they're chking today. anyway after tat i went to grab my lunch which was $1.60 and i searched and searched my wallet cos i remembered having a $2 note somewhere. den i cant find it! *grumbles* den i took a look at my coins and i onli had $1.30! den im like er auntie dowan liao...not enuff $. den i wanted to go off when she say Nevermind! pay me when u have the $ then. n im like wah she's damn nice. lol..den i borrowed money from my fren n paid her back and she's like aiyo! no nid lar but she accepted at the end...*shrugs* she's nice *grin* mus go her shop more lol....

k i better go off to study! CYA!

Sunday, September 15, 2002


find your poetry style
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feeling tired today...woke up at 10 but surprisingly, only my mum nagged at me *grin* not my fault...*innocence* i was sleeping like 11.30 las night then all of a sudden i woke up at 2.40++am...n im like why m i awake?! lol... *yawnz & stretches* still bored. loads to do. jus remembered i had an art compo to complete. why's my art so sickening! eek! *grumbles*
jus added cath to my links - hi girl ;-) tho u dono me =p

Friday, September 13, 2002

well aint a genius like lianne *lol*

hmm...thought i had this one b4..but some of the questions seem a little different...or proly jus a my memory..*shrugs* due to my flu i i had this flu yesterday late morning...then after school i had this headache...which only ached my left side of the head (dont stare at me), then it rained like crazy n my friends pulled me out to the no surprise if my flu ends only a couple of days later =p not my fault *innocence*

anyway feeling much better than the other few days..guess school ain't as bad as i thought...oh that reminds me..thursday i was having lunch with my gd pal in school..with 2 of which is my FM (form mistress), and the other is a nice sci teacher whom i have always been speaking to on MSN...and my FM asked if i was a prefect n im like huh?! no. den she gave me a huh?-not-a-prefect?-look den she asked if i wanna be a PSL (peer support leader...the one who guide the blur sec1s when we first join tkgs) den im like huh? PSL? y? den i stared at my pal den stared at her den shook my head..den she was like why not? den my pal went aiya where got time...den she went but can contribute to society..then 1 was like encouraging me was like up-to-u kinda expression but she was like making me feel as if she was saying "up to u. it's ur loss" kinda thing. DARLINGS IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE MY DECISION! lol...den we kinda changed the topic a bit and we succeeded so i guess she doesnt know my final decision yet *grin* well..doubt i'll be able to take the commitment when time i shant....=p

P/S: jus heard this song by Celine Dion & Andreas Bocelli - The Prayer. nice slow song!
P/P/S: still trying to figure how to add songs so when i can i'll add yaR? lol..

Thursday, September 12, 2002

aye i dun cry all the time...but i always cry in movies *laughs* =p

*sigh* duno wat im feeling liao...everything i feel is like so contradicting...*shrugs* it's like i got loads to say but i cant be bothered..u know those kinda things...loads to study & i feel the stress but i rather stay online *pokes me* im not like that las long as there's a bit of stress i'll be studyin my way through...*wonders*


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Wednesday, September 11, 2002

deepest condolences to victims of 911 and victims' family/friends etc etc...*sniffle* my heart will always be with u guys out there...let us appreciate the people around everyone says....if tomorrow never comes...

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

9th Sept/02:
im feelin horrid again! havin a terrible headache...having a geog CA tml! nothing's goin into my brain! arghh!..jus feel like sleepin...again, dont feel liike goin 2 sch tml..=p have art tml which adds on to me not wantin 2 go 2 sch!! eew n i hate my headache...i rather get flu...fever...watever...than headaches! eek..get rid of it!! i haf 2 study for geog!! *argh* i dun wanna fail!!

k cos i wasnt allowed to use the comp, i wrote everything on a postcard so i shall type it out lol..
8th Sept/02:
It's my bro's bday 2day..but it seems so boring..jus 7 hours+ to the time im supposed to wake up for interest in goin tho..jus feel as if i've wasted my hols but i jus dun feel liike doing anything...AT ALL...i cant stand it. feel as if im gonna die of boredom but i dun feel like doin anything at all! weird u might say...but...i donno..horrible feeling...feels as if i've got a fever but i dont...or perhaps just me trying 2 find an excuse 4 not goin 2 sch? *shrugs*
starting counting down already *laughs* 1 n 3/4months left to my next long hols! certainly cant wait for that! cant wait 2 meet up with my frens soon (*smiles @ daph, lianne, amy, dee...* d list goes on..) just every1 i seems only then can i meet up with 'em...stupid exams coming up...still hate the way im feelin now *sighs* how i wish there were no such things as SCHOOL...hope my opinion changes or i'll suffer!

Thursday, September 05, 2002

first but not least (?!), happie bday amy! lol...k i noe it's belated...onli 11 n a half hrs belated *nod me*. well least i called her up yesterday =)

2ndly, pretty pissed with my grandma...i shall forget about what happened yesterday mornin cos bah. it always happens...but today!!! she was naggin at me for wakin up late! sayin blah blah...everytime oso wake up late...blah...say i never learn from my mistakes...erm..erm...DEAR, it's like THE HOLIDAYS!! wat's wrong with sleepin till 10 *blink* er..well at least i woke up at 9+ *innocent*. and it's like elloz??? i usually wake up at the terrible hr -- 5.30AM!! seems like the first thing i do when i wake up is to go "scram get outta my sight" =x argh..

anyway it's jus another borin day as u can fren rang me up to rush me with my powerpoint presentation =p okok!! i'll get done with it! *grumbles grumbles* =p

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Tuesday, September 03, 2002

ah finally a happier day *laughs* (hi lianne)
went to tampines mall and century square till i got bored of it...went walkin...shoppin...finally got amy n my bro a pressie...bought this pretty sweet necklace for amy (sorri it's a bit cheapskate tho lol) and a converse tee for my bro (think it's a little small =x)...then yeah my cousin n i jus went walkin...window shoppin *nod me*...then we went to airport for lunch....(nothing better to do mah lol) den my bro said lianne's comin over to tampines n im like whaaaaat? aint she like from the OTHER side?? den true enuff she comin to tampines all the way from clementi lol...poor gal =p yup but thanx for the toy sweet lolz...yes yes the fur's everywhere in my room..duno how i'm gonna slp tonight hahaha...

Sunday, September 01, 2002

HAPPY HOLIDAYSSSSS!!! deedum deedum =p so happy but bored...heh...
anyway..was surprised yesterday bcos jus received lianne's postcard yesterday (thanx dear!! =) nice postcard! cant wait 2 see ya soon!) and she's coming back tonight!!!! *screams*'s been a longggggggggggg time..*thinks* 1 yr and about 2-3 months havent seen her liao! lol...;-)

ah got my progress report on friday *grumbles* i hate lit...i hate lit n i hate lit lol...i got a1 for eng, geog, art n d&t, a2 for hcl, maths n sci n got b4 for lit *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* super low b4 summore...jus nice 60 k....GRRRRRRRRR....=p

ah went shoppin today..actualli more like window shoppin...i hate window shoppin! lol..cos i usually wanna buy loads of things but no $$ lol...*grr* ah n i still nid to buy my camera...amy & my bro's pressie...I NEED MONEY!! lol...oh n i plan to go watch stuart little....n go escape...and....... ahhhh MONEY MATTERS! lol...