Thursday, October 31, 2002

What Was Your PastLife?

What obscure band are you?

What Spooky Being are You?

Who are you?
she works wif jimmy fallon!! *bounce*

Who are you?
oooooooo.....he was a punk..she did ballet....*sings*

What Obscure Animal are you?

Take the Purrsonality Quiz!
aww :p

don't noe why...jus feeling extremely tired of everything now...*shrug* not that i had a bad day or anything...but after my bath i jus feel so tired of everything!! i've been trying to help my friend since after exams but she doesnt listen to a damn thing i say. only when some teacher agrees den she believes. den i give up and dont gif comments. den she'll start blabbing abt me not giving any comments. now, she thinks im sensitive cos im getting moody when im around her and it's very simple to start a quarrel. but obviously in my pt of view she's being unreasonable.
then i advised my net friend some stuff, she never heed them. instead she rather sacrifice some1 she loved.
then i advised some1 else some stuff, yeah but now that person never talks to me after finding happiness.
what do u think i feel? obviously im getting sick of everything now...*shrug* aint gonna mention names. jus feel like im gonna explode at whoever who talks to me now...

had a crazy day @ school today tho :p busy laughing away more than playing games with my friend..i laughed till i cried! how's that! lol...*shrug*

had weird dreams las night but *shrug* gotta go off soon...tell ya about it next time :p

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

a1 Announce Solo Projects
Ben, Christian and Mark have today said, "After five solid years with a1, each of us have recently begun working on individual projects which mean that we need to take a temporary break from the band and to part company with Sony Music.

"Mark is writing with Rob Davis (Kylie, Spiller). Christian has formed a production company in Norway which will be releasing a single by hot new Norwegian artist Maria Arredondo in the next few months. Ben is working on a solo album. We have had four very successful years with Sony but we feel the time is right to move on.

"We know there's always a lot of speculation when band members undertake individual projects but we can assure you this is not the end for a1.

"We will be playing at the Smash Hits tour in Nottingham and Newcastle this week (sorry we missed Manchester but Ben was really sick yesterday!), we have several other gigs lined up and are already working on new material together.

"You'll still be able to stay in touch with absolutely everything we're doing together and individually on this website so stay posted for lots of exciting news and we'll see you soon!"

*heart misses a beat* whenever artistes say they going solo, either they split or disappear!! i dont wan another heartache so soon! they always say "oh we're not gonna split" BUT WHAT HAPPENS?? they disappear!! like bsb, n sync, destiny's child...AAHHHH gotta go build up my faith in them...

pretty crappy day...kinda missed the whole day but whu carez lol. all we do in class is play daidee and stress anyway *yawn* :p but it was to do SEAMEO proj!! how crappy is that!! we gotta do this huge impt proj AFTER the exams?!??!! lol i rather play daidee lol.

ahh i heard daphne las night lol *winx daph* nice guitar stuff in santana&michelle branch's song eh? *lol* well..that's prolly the only daph part i i fell asleep at 10plus!! was damn tired!! dono why...

im WEIRD!! my cough's a LITTLE cured..thanx to strepsils when all my doctor's medicine doesnt helP!! and when im having a headache, panadol doesnt help!!! Geeeeeeeeee!! i should nv go to the doctors :p

2 more days to getting back report card...*dies* worried here...but well...guess i'll jus take it as it goes....still havent collected my faith hill goodies!!!!! *mutter* called yesterday but they said they rushed the label but back again late this week lol...oh well...busy week!!! guess i'll collect it only tomorrow...

yana won some stuff to interview blue by going to power98 studios while they call up blue in ireland!! gawd LUCKY GIRL!! lol...go to PJ's webby and u'll see the questions...*laughs @ last question* that girl's crazy..

Monday, October 28, 2002

What Eyes Do You Have?

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What is your inner spirit?

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How Black Are You?

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daph's in school invasion for double J on the radio on power98!! *mutter* I WANNA JOIN!! but hey, tkgs was in JUST 2 MONTHS b4 i went in!!!!! *Grrrrrrrrrrr* i wanna experience how it's like!!!!! daph u betta fill me in for all details :p nvm! i'm gonna try calling to kajiao her but it betta be her answering or else damn malu lolz :p

Sunday, October 27, 2002

gawd i had the 2nd nitemare of my whole 13 yrs...freaky...i dreamt i was at my cousin...n i dono how my aunt appeared but nvm...den *shrug* we were at this crowd when suddenly i saw some1 drop this red substance. then it jus kept spreading. just somehow i knew that if u step on it or splash water on it, it'll explode. no1 was alert about the substance they jus walked and talked the normal way. so i was getting a bit frantic. orchard's at risk! den i shouted to whoever almos stepped on it and they kinda realised and me n my cousin SOMEHOW ran up this shopping mall...(dono why we did either..that's like dead end!) den we jus kept goin on...but the thing jus keeps spreading...den we saw my aunt...den we ran to the friend called me up for no apparent reason...asking if i heard about another bomb (which was linked to my previous dream but it was very complicated) and i told him yea i witnessed it and im running away from another now...but when we reached the carpark it was too late the think spread far enuff for the car not to be able to move out if u dun wan it to explode...then i dono what happened...was really freaky!! it was like ur running for ur life but no1's there to help. in fact u have to help the others if u could kinda thing...and it exploded but i dono what happened after that...and i jus woke up and it was like 7+am! *whewz* it was jus a dream.

when i woke up, i was like all numb and everything. i was jus packed to myself in a corner of my bed looking all freaked out. den i kinda went back to sleep again (thank god it's a dreamless one..not that i can remember the dream if there was one)...*sigh* ignorance is a bliss indeed. then woke up and read about the moscow thingie...sigh...STOP THE DAMN WAR STUFF! it's like so dumb...

was playing pool wif my friend earlier when my uncles and stuff came and so i rushed to yahoo and caught up with some news...."we discussed about world peace and iraq" said bush. bullshit. world peace eh? while they're discussing calmly in their damn air-conditioned rooms with servants around serving them drinks...and the other side, hostages being killed...injured....and another side...australians still grieving over their lost loved hello?! doh!

Thursday, October 24, 2002

im STILL having my cough..gonna go to the docs in a while...*prays i dont get TB* lolz CHOY!'s like the 5th day im coughing so *shrug* hope it's not a bad sign...*prays*

got all my subjs back n im so sad to say anything...but well it's like this...
history(las sem)-c5
home ec-a1
art- ?? lol

d&t was pretty proud...there were 5 classes of us and i got 50+/ be specific, 53. onli less than 10 ppl of 5 classes got 50 n above *grin* den my d&t teacher asked me how much i got (im always being picked on by him) den i told him 53 and he went "who's ur d&t teacher?" im like grrr... :P

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

you're parents were lucky with you. you're sweet.
innocent. helpful. and cute.
what kind of child were you?
(brought you by april)

avril avril avril! lol thought i did this quiz b4 but dont remember the avril part *shrug*

Which Spice Girl Are You?wrong wrong wrong! eek i dont like her!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

gawd..i heard craig david, nick carter(loL@lianne) and avril lavigne's coming to town for mtvasia awards!! *screams* AVRIL!! EVAN!! im SO gonna chase avril!! *grin* i just cant waiT! gawd they BETTER be coming. just CANT waiT!! lol...

got back my eng and sci paper already.....sigh..still havent gotten an's like some damn paper got some grudge against me! was 69.5 (wat the bloody hell?? 0.5 more marks dammit!) and sci was pretty alright wif sci now..cos our class average was like 58.5 or something? but eng *sigh* the highest in my class was like 80 something?!? sci in my class highest 75 so im quite fine..but the highest in the WHOLE COHORT was 87! MY GAWD! lol...geezolheavens! and after that we went out slowly and my teacher saw me and began to search his papers and went "oh somebody drop ar? study harder" and im like freak! i cant take it when a teacher does that to me! lol! oh well...i got an a1 in science during midyear. no wonder he said that. used to always get a stupid a for science this year...until term4...dono wat's wrong wif me. damn. *shrug* hope everything pulls up lor..

Monday, October 21, 2002

sigh i SO agreed wif lianne right here it's SO true. *Sigh* like those losers..shut up! oh well...i forgot...losers have a terrible brain. *sigh* aww let's sympathize them :P

pretty nice day...went to orchard AGAIN...*lol* jus hang around...and stuff...think the hmv dude's sick of me lol. :p caught tuxedo today. pretty good..well at least better than what the critics claim...but deeds's still better :) hee. CATCH MR DEEDS! :p *sigh* im STILL not in the mood for a good post.

Friday, October 18, 2002

AVRIL ROXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX :p k nvm *grin* i wanna be her gee. :p

dreamt of her last night. no im not les. :p

Thursday, October 17, 2002

The Band Quiz By Rahel

How dumb are you?

got this from cath's webby hee. gonna watch simone later. watched halfway lol. :P will fill in later :p

What Tragic Kingdom Song Are You

brought to you by Quizilla
*shrug* :p

woh today was cool...went to orchard cineleisure to catch mr deeds(CATCH IT!). gawd damn i cried like 3 times? it's supposed to be a damn comedy! lol. but it was funny. laughed a lot for the beginning, cried a lot for the ending :p good mix. *laughs* it was REALLY good.

then went over to paya lebar...y'know where the post office is? near the mrt station...gawd the This Fashion there was huge. the clothes were pretty cheap but i was pretty stingy with my money. didnt wanna buy much tho i loved a few clothes there. pretty disappointing. so huge yet i onli liked a few of there. gee. bought a shirt tho. only 7 bucKS! gee! lol :p (yea lianne i aint a spender like ya *grin* stop that mango stuff lol) pretty regretful not to buy that 10 bucks shirt now. really nice that to go wif a black strap necklace. :P it's a bit leathery but well *shrug* it's nice. i finally like a leather material made item! gee! lol :p

then came back and chilled. real fun today. i mean well other than being stingy with my money. shopped pretty much but nothing very favourable. *shrug* still wan a new bag *laughs* and prolly buying that shirt i have in mind the next time i go. but well...we'll have to see *checks wallet* er *nod* :p

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

What lame pick up line are you?

*prances on everyone* MY EXAMS ARE OVEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!!!!! *jumps for joy* gonna PARRTTTTAAAAYYYY!!!

today's exams were....well..alright...chinese was SICK! confidence of gettin least lol...wont get kicked out of higher chinese at least....well..hopefully *grin* d&t was alright too...those i study like siao in the end i forgot everything during the exam. lol! too busy thinking of what to do after school :p watched bring it on with my cousin. wohohoHO! lurve it!

had my hair cut. well prolly cant notice for behind...cos jus trimmed it onli...fringe was layered tho. finally a haircut i dont hate. but almos got killed. my gram thought the hairdressers was closed! *giggle* nah it's quite obvious. she prolly exaggerated. *shrug*

p/s: i got used to ben/chris/mark onli. *grin* come here search for those *thinks* one of them thingie....they sang take on me accoustic. paul wasn't there then. really nice tho. loved it. :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

had geog today. gawd it was a killer paper for me. if i ever get a b4 i'll be over the sky manz. however ur gonna describe that :p it's TOUGH. mark my words. prolly failing it.

well one more day to freedom. hey wait. jus a few more hours....more than 12 that is...but less than 24 *beams* can't wait!! feel the anxiety in me! lol

won some faith hill goodies las night *grinz* was like washin my face and i heard that so ran out of toilet, ran outta parents' room, go to my room, grab my hp, run back into parents' room, run back into toilet, den realise the echo, got outta toilet and waited. lol :p nvm =) but hey won it anyway *beams*

Sunday, October 13, 2002

reminiscing me as a1fan history (hey im still gonna be one but sian lar)
early-2000: started listening to radio & heard a1's songs
june-2000: went to m'sia 4 holiday and bought a1's Here We Come
dec-2000: When the a list came out. i rushed to get it. damn ex man. lol now regretting for buyign so earli. dummy me
march-2001: a1 came. autosess. had to buy the album again. see how dumb i can get? lol
mid-2001: the a+list came out. bought again *sheesh@me*
sept/oct-2001: a1 came for concert. didnt go. psle was around the corner. still, lianne & jasmine managed to get me ben mark, and chris respectively to talk to me. thanks ya gerlz! then pretty much later, met eve for *thinks* robbie? yeah den she showed me how much of a1 she caught on her vid-cam.
may-2002: make it good came out. bought it the 2nd day it was out. hope i wont regret buying too early lol.
june/july-2002: had some meet&greet contest for a1. got my cousin to buy the album *giggle* but didnt win. even if did, i'd prolly had to pon sch. which i doubt i will. didnt win anyway :p then they came...much nicer chase.
oct-2002: here feeling miserable that paul left. sheesh. supported for 3 years...*mutter*

stole it from eve lol

01. i hurt: myself
02. i love: many ppl around me...
03. i hate: korn (sorri damon hun)
04. i cry: pretty often, but those which come from my heart usually comes after chasing or before exams n stuff.
05. i fear: disappointment
06. i hope: i do well for my exams...pretty impossible now.
07. i sadden: when the ppl i luv leaves.
08. i feel: like watching flubber tonight. lol
09. i kill: ants on my desk *evil grin*
10. i talk: to every1 *im friendly*
11. i listen: to my friends' sorrow and happy stuff
12. i break: glasses easily
13. i see: what im typing
14. i smell: the air lol
15. i taste: saliva
16. i work: not as hard as i used to do *blames it on the comp*
17. i remember: how i felt when i first chased *chattin wif lianne about it mah*
18. i hold: onto myself
19. i hide: some of my secrets...but most are revealed
20. i pray: for good grades
21. i walk: to sch and home wif my friend
22. i drive: myself crazy...i drive myself crazy thinkin of u..*sings*
23. i read: my geog bk (still got 8 chapters more dang!)
24. i burn: nothing! why wud i wanna burn something
25. i breathe: air
26. i play: wif mah fish....
27. i miss: paul
28. i touch: air
29. i want: my holidays
30. i wish: i could turn back time...n chase more efficiently *sheesh*
31. i know: i'll not be using the comp in peace when my bro gets back into the room
32. i said: (look above)
33. i dream: weird stuff...dreamless for now..
34. i have: my own blog! *doh*
36. i fall: and wont get up
37. i wait: for some1 to pull me up

Saturday, October 12, 2002

ooh hey look i jus read 34

a1 loses one
YOU can call them A-Minus now.
After 5 years, Paul Marazzi has left British boyband a1 due to undisclosed personal reasons.
The heart-throb said in his official website that he made the "difficult choice" after a lot of thought and deliberation.
Of course, he didn't forget to thank his other 3 bandmates and the screaming fans who earned him the megabucks.

what do u call this? a-minus? lame. like regina said, newpaper might as well call themselves newater. and pardon me but this article sounds pretty insulting to me. call me sensitive. hu gives a damn. but this IS insulting.

p/s: there's a pic of the nutto mad paul...which i absolutely miss...we wont see his nutty-ness anymore. *grumble*

Friday, October 11, 2002

*cough* guy?? hey my answers abt myself had nothing to do wif guys and those about partners had nothing to do wif girls! bad test bad bad test.

was at the bus interchange while waiting for bus to reach home this afternoon as usual...nono this morning exam today *beams* luv comin home earlee...anyway, then we saw this primary sch kid...prolly pri 4 or something...loox damn young to me...prolly pri 3-5 liddat lar..den he got a lot of bomb bags in his hand. den he took one and put it on the floor and stepped on it. then he ran further away. den he saw it didnt explode so he went nearer. he stepped on it again. just then, 2 sec sch girls walked past and it exploded onto one girl's leg. gawd. that was horrid. damn nutto pri sch kid. tampines primary. *ahem* im not from there *beams* that guy's gonna be in big shit if some1 complains...

Thursday, October 10, 2002

What magazine am I?

I am Popular Science: The only thing more exciting then the present is the future. I am always the first to hear about whats going on in the realms of human achievement.

What magazine am I?

wrong wrong wrong!

1) who's gonna write songs like isnt it cheap and one of my fave songs -> let it out?
2) who's gonna dance with ben like in take on me while the other 2 plays their instrument?
3) how're they gonna dance no more?
4) who's gonna be the bad boy of the band?
5) who's gonna be the nutto of the band?
6) who's gonna laugh hysterically in front of us?
7) who's gonna have all those piercing in a1?
8) how's a1 gonna go on with 3 people?
9) who's gonna accompany ben, the only person who doesnt play much instrument during a show?
10) who's gonna sing you're not in love with ben?
11) who's gona be the vulgar one of the grp?
12) (i'll add this in for ya lianne) who's gonna go "hey babe!" enthusiastically again?
13) how're we gonna see paul in SINGAPORE again?!

apologies..still in the midst of shock...

Which Avril Lavigne Song Are You?

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

conduction convection radiation vacuum flask heat. damn. that sucked. *prays for tomorrow*

Statement from a1-online reads as follows:

"Paul Marazzi Leaves a1

Paul Marazzi has today announced his decision to leave the band a1. The
band members have made the following joint statement:

Paul said, 'After a lot of thought and deliberation I have made the
choice to leave the band due to personal reasons. I have had a
five years with a1 and would like to take this opportunity to thank
who has been part of the whole a1 experience, everyone at Sony, but
of all our amazing fans. I would like to wish Christian, Ben and Mark
the best of luck in the future.'

Ben, Mark and Christian said, 'We are all heartbroken that Paul is
a1 but we understand his reasons and wish him all the very best. There
no way that we could ever replace him ? he isn't just a band mate but a
great friend. We will however be carrying on with our plans for the
and are very excited about our new single and album early next year.'

a1 are currently having massive success in France where their single
in the Middle (Nos Differences)' featuring French star Eve Angeli, was
weeks highest chart entry. The guys will be back in the UK for this
Disney Kids Awards."

*heart breaks* PAUL!!!! I WAN PAUL BACK!!

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

this is SO embarrassing...manz!! today when i was reaching home, i took the lift up as usual, then i started singing the part from Just Like A Pill..(look on the left) then i was singing till "i tried to call the nurse again.."*door opens*"cos she's been a little.."den i realised there was some1 outside! gawwd! den dat lady was starin hard at me. i almos jus said bitch :p *whew* but still...if she knew that's gonna be horribly embarrassing..

Monday, October 07, 2002

Still very disappointed with the sci paper. i still CANT BELIEVE i failed it. this mornin saw my sci teacher that time cud tell he was giving me a disappointed look. im probably over sensitive. im probably not. i dono. still think it's so unbelievable. he seem to be pin-pointing at me all the time. first sci CA - 13/25 (FREAK!! lol) he was like saying oh can be better to the class...n blah...2nd CA i think i had 20/25. den he read names which improved. den next i got still under those who shown effort. den blah la...den now 12/25. he said it doesnt really matter. jus hope the end-year u get an a1 n u'll be quite safe. dont u think he sounds like he's referring to me?!

anyway i got some colour therapy here...useful to those stressed for exams...including me *grin* had a horrid headache yesterday *sigh*

de-stress with BLUE
That's why it's so soothing to look out at the sky or into the sea. Looking at blue sends a signal to the brain to send out feel-good chemicals that have a transquillising effect.

sleep better with PINK
Studies have shown that pastels, especially pink of blue, promote rest and comfort. A good time to switch to pink bedsheets?

cure headaches with RED
Believe or not, red helps relieve pain. One way to sooth a throbbing headache is to hold a cool red towel over your eyes.

look at my emotions *sigh* i got back my sci test. true 'nuff...I FAILED! GAWWD!! im so damn first ever failed science CA (HELLO?!) in my sec1 history dammitttttt!! *sigh* im SO gonna lock myself up and study science...gawwd some1 help me wif science!! 12/25...tho jus 1 mark but HELLO?!?!?! damn this is like the total LOWEST! *mutter* pardon me im a bit worked up now...

Saturday, October 05, 2002

i THINK really, i NEED to lock myself up in the room, turn on the air-con, turn on some music and HIT THE DAMN BOOKS! look, im way behind my schedule, i havent even finished half my eng assessment and my eng paper's over. i've got PLENTY to study and i havent done half of it. GAWD!

Friday, October 04, 2002

which song describes you the best?

which musicgenre fits to you?

Gorgeous and perfect.. But you care about nothing
except winning the quidditch cup.. Well we all
know you got what you desired

Which Harry Potter Character Are You?
by Toffie @ CookieWhore.Net

k fine i cheated too *guilty* but hey! *kaaboom* that's cute *grin*

*sigh* today's eng was pretty horrid...paper 2 was quite alright..pretty confident...but paper 1 *sigh* no inspiration at all man! how'd ya expect me to write? lol...plenty of rubbish really..wonder if they'll accept such a childish compo...oh wait im suposed to be studying! *hits the bks*

Thursday, October 03, 2002

*sigh* a bit stressed for tml's english now...n apparently, i keep thinkin of this line.."it's murder on the dancefloor..." lol..kept singing it during class today =p i know i know i know i know i know....:p nvm it's in my lyrics blog anyway *grin*

still worried for my science ca....well loox like i shud worry for my sci exam more likely..thanx for the comfort anyway lianne *smiles*

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

happy children's day...*grin* nv knew sec1s would get pressies *grin* got from 3 teachers~! *bounce* i noe y i've been down n red past few days *yawn* pms...sigh....oops are there guys around? lol:p

failed my chinese test as expected. overall din fail cos my 2nd paper pulled up...again as expected...sigh at this rate, im gonna drop outta higher chinese soon *shudders @ thot* gonna buck up a lil for chinese...plenty to study again..jus finished a report...n my damn art....thank god. onli left with a geog paper for today n tml...terrible stuff...pre-exam-stress? lol