Thursday, November 28, 2002

I was Harry Potter at the Harry Potter character quiz @

Which Slyffindor are you? Nice result graphics.

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eh? rule the world? i like that *griN*

What English bank note are you?

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taken from pj's webby *grin*

Monday, November 25, 2002

*bounce* my uncle just "employed" me. im gonna tutor my dearest cousin who's turning to be pri 4 next yr! 200 bucks! *smuakz money* to think i was broke for a while...wahahhahhaa tutoring maths. *shrug* the oni thing which i can think of which helps in sec sch. lol. the rest u study, den sec1 everything change. eek. :p who carez. im gonna earn money. wahha at the age of 13!! *beams*

song of the day: Elva Hsiao f. Blue - You Make Me Wanna

christmas wish list: (in particular order..hey i cut down on them:P)
1) Pink's Missundaztood
2) Justin Timberlake's Justified
3) Vanessa Carlton's Be Nobody
4) Sugababes' Angels With Dirty Faces
5) LeAnn Rimes' Twisted Angel
6) Jennifer Love Hewitt's Barenaked
7) Holly Valance's Footprints
8) Blue's All Rise
9) Westlife's new album....
10) Jennifer Paige's Positively Somewhere
11) Blue's One Love
12) Otown's Otown
13) Otown's O2
14) New shoes & slippers! my slipper's hurtin me!
15) New portable radio's horrid lol.
16) John Q VCD

Sunday, November 24, 2002

went to orchard yesterday...wanted to watch clockstoppers...but it wasnt out in cathay cineleisure. eekz. but anywayz, jeremy, ja, marcus....loads of ppl were this coke fun on the run thing...some i-pod up for grabs i suppose. had a nice chat with jeremy n ja....(yesh seige, i made u wait. ur forbidden to comment on this. :P)

aye jeremy, do i get paid for advertising for u? :P
DoUbLe J xMaS PaRtY---latest update: Date & TiMe: not comfirmed yet but it'll be weeks b4 christmas. Venue: East Coast. tHeRE'LL bE gAmEs... (i think it's open to everyone)

song of the day: Diana King - I Say A Little Prayer (from My Best Friend's Wedding)

Friday, November 22, 2002

geez cant believe i woke up at 8.30. like hello it's hols!! why m i wakin up so earli!! lolz..still figuring how to skip quietly. been skipping n i think if this goes on, the people below will complain =X it jus goes "bom bom bom!" ah wellz...goin out wif my cousin later orchard...wanted to watch's out today but cathay don't seem to have it...*mutter* ah well prolly jus walking im tryin to act guai around here so i can go out easily later on *innocent grin*

happie birthday, lianne dear. hope ur good there.

song of the day: Las Ketchup - The Ketchup Song. *starts dancing*

Thursday, November 21, 2002

doin loadsa quizzes today..

Take the What Type of Friend are
quiz, and visit

*ahem* i DONT have a motive! *rolls eyes*

What's Your Movie Dream Car?

by Auto Glass America

aye? er kayz.

Yeah baby I'm CAMI!
Which Diva are you? Find out!

How Annoying Are You In Your Online Diary?

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Rock On! I'm...Pop!
Which Music Type are You?Find out!
tinggggg!! correct!

Ooh...I'm Ross!
Which 'Friend' Are You?Find out!
Ooh...I'm Joey!
Which 'Friend' Are You?Find out!
joey's my bro. gawd. eek. WRONG WRONG!!

Cool...I'm Mimi!
Which Crossroads Girl are You?Find out!

Ummm...I'm Sane.
Are You Crazy??Find out!

enough for today..*stares* whoa. so many. lol

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

which stereotype are you?

aye i tried changing a couple of answers but i still get the same one! eek lol

Saturday, November 16, 2002

watched harry potter and the chamber of secrets today *grin* real cool!

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

christmas wish list: (not in any particular order)
1) LeAnn Rimes' Twisted Angel
2) Sum41's All Killer No Filler (i noe it's a bit long time ago released...but i still never managed to get it..:P)
3) Sugababes' Angels With Dirty Faces
4) Jennifer Love Hewitt's Barenaked
5) Jennifer Paige's Positively Somewhere
6) Holly Valance's Footprints
7) Blue's All Rise
8) Blue's One Love
9) Westlife's new album....
10) Vanessa Carlton's Be Nobody
11) Otown's Otown
12) Otown's O2
13) Justin Timberlake's Justified
14) This real nice bag i've been wanting to buy, available at Montip! lol
15) A ring
16) A wrist strap
17) New clothes *grin* a girl's always gotta shop!
18) New shoes & slippers! my slipper's hurtin me!
19) New portable radio's horrid lol.
20) This huge a1 calendar i saw at HMV!

Sunday, November 10, 2002

eek gawd...i went to this wet market's coffeeshop nearby to grab lunch...then when i was ordering, i stood around...den there was this guy who came back with his plates...(singaporeans seldom do that esp. in they?) so i was kinda suspicious so i was like staring at that guy...den he walked walked walked...(the pail for plates was behind this lady who was chopping chicken) then he put the plates down and kept staring at the lady's butt. gawd. eek. i swear. he was staring at her butt. cos the onli thing he can be staring at is her chopping the chicken or her butt. but at his position, he's totally he cant see the way she chop. moreover, he was looking downwards. gawd i was totally disgusted. bloody perverted....he's about....40+ to 50+...that lady's like 20+. gee. eek.

yesterday went for the holly valance thingie...warner ppl realli suck manz....well managed to get the tic (thanx dude, u noe who u r). but well...they wouldnt let me get her to sign on my bk! darn...well didnt buy her album *blush* so well..they onli let ppl to sign on their cd sleeve ONLY. *grumble* so i kinda didnt manage to get an autograph nor a pic..and bleargh. still didnt like the way the warner ppl reacted. they were like "what? no cd cover? then cannot" n stuff. den they kinda dragged me off the stage. eek. (yes lianne, call me miss eek.) SO EEKY man...she was pretty fake i guess...didnt really look that sincere and stuff...jus went up, say hi, sign, smile, sign, smile, sign, smile, at the end of it "thanks for taking ur time out to come here, i really appreciate it" den disappear. ooh does that look sincere to ya? :p

she was at p10 studios this morning..then at class95...she was practically like waiting for them to entertain her...den she was a little happier at p10. but not for that long...only the singing part was cute lol...i mean glenn n rod...yeah. then she went on the class95. den she didnt realli sound too entertained or anything. *shrug* if i were her i'd prolly be the same lol...class95 djs aren't realli very good at cracking jokes or anything....their jokes are very....mature....hard to comprehend. :p yeah. *shrugz* got pics of her anyway. will try to get them scanned when they're out!

Friday, November 08, 2002

anywayz, chk this avril lavigne thingie out....dono if it's true but she seems to hate reporters *laughs* well hope she's nicer to her fans :p *hint* lol...k im realli rubbish now...*sigh*

Thursday, November 07, 2002

*yawn* the house is awfully noisy we go....AGAIN *yawn*

eh lianne, yesterday's moodiness was prolly pms lolz :p yeah k now i noe :p
like blearghz noisy now...for the past year...or should i say YEARS lol...forever complaining....screaming like crazy hey chill! what's her prob! enjoy her life while she can lar. all she does is complain. as usual, yesterday she like complaining over everything. this morning she was totally not happy with me. jus bcos i bathed 5 mins longer than i usually do so my bro cant use the toilet and BLAH. here we go bro. *yawn* anyway after tat i woke him up he didnt go to the toilet till like 7.30 so what's the rush of getting out of it at 7.15?? she still say what mine not impt n stuff. he's MEETING HIS FRENS!! like crap! im meeting teacher!!! freaking hell. his one late like who carez. mine late mus gif reason n blah right?! doh. see now she calling some1 to complain about the maid. expected. she's so predictable. i bet u, she'll call my aunt later. now is my uncle. den she'll call another aunt. den tonight my cousin's family will hear the whole story. den she will ignore the maid totally or scold her like shit. den everything she dun wanna tok to the maid liao she'll ask me to do. den i wun hear at least once. den she'll say i deaf and all i hear is the phone ringing n some rubbish. gee. 13 years is long enough to know. *sigh*

happy birthday to evelyn!! aww she's not in sg...or else i'll prolly be meeting her up some day...tho im utterly packed now.. was SO sickening...went to sch and eek back gate walked ALL THE WAY to front gate which is eeky. cos i took the long way!! bleargh...den in sch...this teacher which i absolutely cant stand luvs to pick on me. had to help him. eek. then helped our teacher...actually hopefully we ended at 2...den she say b4 the end, we ended at 4.30!! sucky!! so bloody sickening...if she says come back in dec i dun care i'll say im away. im DEFO not gona go back in hello it's my holidays!!! next yr i goin home early liao. i dun care. the longer i stay, the more the teachers know u, the more they will ask u to help. im not gonna take part in anything next yr either..esp. for end of year. so irritating. n im gona make sure no1 drags me into anything. i've had enough means enough. sickening. n this time it was my fren dragged me in!! gawd damn. bleargh! jus not my day today.

utterly tired now..gonna chill at my cousin's place later on...she's FINALLY back! :p finally some1 for me to complain everything to *innocent grinz* i JUS CANT WAIT for dec. im gonna keep it ALL FREE from school and from WORK! *smiles widely to myself* no1's gonna stop that. i'll jus be chilling all the way. long awaited hols n now i cant enjoy. dun gif a shit abt sch anymore. ;) im jus gonna get the hell outta sch in dec. wish me luck y'all!

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

it's like GAWD now my house's in a terrible grandma cant stop complaining about the maid when i cant find a reason to be angry with her or anything, she quarrel until like shit. then when the maid says something, my dear grandma will start complaining and saying she still dare to talk back and everything. gee. not that i give a shit about what she wans to quarrel about, i can jus prepare myself for being scolded later on. i 100% gurantee she'll complain everything when my aunt comes to my house later. *sighs* whenever they come, they have to act like they're so interested to know. it's ALWAYS the same old stuff!! like gawd why cant she jus give in FOR ONCE?

called my grandma jus now hoping she'll get the maid to bring umbrella downstairs cos it was raining pretty heavily and BECOS she quarrelled with her, she expects me to run in the rain which is fine with me..thank god i brought waterproof bag. otherwise, she's dead. i'll start cursing like shit lol. i cant believe my cousin's at chalet! lucky girl..always managing to escape from everything as always! *mutter*

so sick of making websites..everything i do in school revolves either video editing or websites! Gawd im SO sick of that!! *sigh* it's supposed to be my holidays n im gonna be busy until december. bullshit. cough's still not cured it's so sick! it's like ur choked, then u wanna puke but nothing to puke out (hey i dun mean to be disgusting here) then cough cough cough until like shit. den like suddenly difficult to breathe...EEK gawd i rather have the NORMAL cough. lol...

Friday, November 01, 2002

today was really sad...our dearest principal left the school. well we had a surprise...tho we failed to make her cry...but i cried tho lol..kay wrong person :p well but she leaves me the deepest impression. she was the first person who spoke to me...or rather us when we entered school. well i guess every1 are the same. but *shrug* cos i came from a primary school which my principals arent realli good speakers or anything. but when i came here, the sudden change in quality of speaking was really different, so i was pretty amazed. then it was my FM and followed by my science teacher due to a sec2 friend of mine. we had this project in computer club on a school website on the first half of the year so we went around interviewing people INCLUDING our principal and vice-principals. she gave a very inspiring speech which probably made me regret not studying hard from the beginning. i always look up to her as she seem to know her goals and always manage to reach it and her talks are usually really inspiring. perhaps every good thing will come to an end but it's too soon. i've only known her for a year!

the surprise treat for her today was really cute. when she entered the school there was a banner...i cant remember the specific phrase but it was something like "stop or we'll shoot" den she had to get out of her car. then our school rented a trishaw and they drove her in. lol. then the band started playing and the drama girls started snapping pics and asking for her autograph..they had to act like she was a huge star lol! then to the hall, 4 girls played the violin for her. then many touching speeches were made which forced tears outta me. especially the head prefect's speech. she mentioned about how our principal managed to make her gain confidence in whatever speech she made. then dono how many girls er...i think it was 4 choir girls sang accapella for her. it was really cool but i couldn't catch a few parts of the lyrics so yeah :p then there were prizes we won and wanted her to take it first and stuff. then they made her lead the school cheer which was pretty hilarious. :p and we sang the school song while she left. it was REALLY sad!!! *sigh* see what a mere one year can do to impressions people make on u?