Monday, December 30, 2002

i've got plenty to blog. but im bloody tired. bleargh. wait ar. i regain my energy den blog. *zzzzzzzzzzzz*

Saturday, December 28, 2002

jus back frm my cousin's place. absolutely disgusted by the 'sweetness' in between my cousin and his gf. oh hi dearllie. it's deaRIE not dearLIE. geez. *shudders* ah well the gf's nice anyway :p 'least she's nice to us. but still. goosebumps!!

caught 2 weeks notice on thursday *smiles* that was a brilliant show. they jus spoke....a little FAST! f.a.s.t. i tell ya. sandra bullock and the guy under hugh grant was fab at talking speedy. d last part was pretty sad. sniffing away :p oh wait, i sniff in every movie. hmm.
went shopping...wanted to buy this top for $11. it was brilliant. but well it's pretty much bareback. so thought of wearing something over but i don't have anything to go with hmm...but well i'll buy it soon *grinz* jus got this pink button shirt to go with it. *smiles* oh wait. it's pink again. *groan*

was feeling a bit down yesterday..thanks every1 who called. appreciated it. was jus bloody pissed at my grams yesterday. almos wanted to have a quarrel with her. i noe i cant outtalk her. my teochew sux. :p ah well. couldn't be much bothered after that. but don't worry im fine now. much better. terribly bored actually :) glad no1's against my tagboard!

gonna have to go back to school for AVA...for the sec1 orientation. *groan* im terribly sick of sch. and it's gonna reopen which makes it worse than it seems. eek. *sigh* ah well. im bored. any1 wanna meet up on monday or tues? *grin* my tues is finally free. wahoo! :p oh k wait now i sound desperate. gee. erm it's fine guys, it's fine :p

Song Of The Day - Red Hot Chilli Peppers - The Zephyr Song

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

taken off chuntsen's webbie *smiles*

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Sunday, December 22, 2002

Still Mad About Yesterday
still pretty crazy about yesterday's party. couldn't get much of it out of my head. jus close my eyes i can imagine us playing the games, suffering the forfeits. a memorable day not to be forgotten. one of the pic is up...which i reckon is the one which they used JA's was just the organising committee...yes im in it...pretty embarrassing cos i looked like the young little girl they just found from the streets lol. the pic's below...apparently i seem to have spoilt the picture :p i think i probably enjoyed the party most, there. :p it was the first time i actually had to plan a party. yes, apparently all the other times, ppl planned it then i visit it. it was a good experience i s'pose. nice one too. i can't wait for the other pictures to be out. gonna have a good hearty laugh when i see it. :) it was an amazing party despite the number of party. guess the games were done pretty well. it probably was the best part of it. the games. yes. :p ok maybe LOOKING at people do the forfeits too. lol. DOING it was bad!! :p very bad. all went well...even the weather! pretty favourable weather i guess..not as bad as we thought it might be according to the weather forecast. thank god!

guess it was memorable for me cos it was really the first time i get involved in er...such programmes. *honoured* huge thanks to everyone for giving me this opportunity :) look forward to the next!

(with courtesy from

apparently i pretty much forgot about this again....Song Of The Day: Robbie Williams - Let Me Entertain You

Got Face to No Face's party was good! :) fantastic!! thanks everyone who came down! thanks for supporting! hope u had a gr8 time! (yes lianne u missed everything...n u had to be in that photos :p lol!) thanx thanx for coming!!

me n daph were like watching a...4-people-soccer b4 that...kenneth&jeremy vs chuntsen&dylan. helloz?! jeremy & kenneth actualli lost. lol! malu man u all! :p
then my cousin n frens came and everything! the fun pretty much began!
we had this game...supposed to make the word I LOVE for example, IC - I, Plastic - P and stuff...we lost -sniff- :p but well...we WERE supposed to have a punishment lol...but well *smiles* more to come lol...u noe wat i mean :)
then we had this game....we were split into 3 grps..i was in grp 1 :) den the first round, we lost i mean we win. we were not supposed to guess the right number...and apparently we did....:X and yeah...the erm..6-7 of us had to finish 3 litres of water!!!! (im so sick of water nowwww!!!!! hey i needed the toilet then k!) eekz...
2nd round, our spokesperson disappeared!! so i took over...the range was 63-67....i said 65 thot it'd be 64 or 66...and....i kanna-ed again. marcus say can go buy 4D liao hahahhaa...we did the ketchup danceeeeee!!! EEEEEEK!!!!! gawd. eek eek eek eek!! marcus was MADE to lead us...and JA was right loook at him doing the dance, u can laugh till u drop man...hahahhahahaa.....-cough- was being enthusiastic there to make it more fun *smiles*
3rd round, they PURPOSELY one lehz...purposely make us freaked out when we were CLOSE to the number. eek. they're like "oh my word...ooh.."n stuff...n im like oops. right number again? but well :) grp 2 kanna-ed. no choice. they had to go into the sea and make them half wet. lol...:p every1 but ppl wif long pants (till the ankle -according marcus-). b4 that they were like long pants can liao..n im like woohoo! n they stared at me n went "er...3-quarter oso need" *rolls eyes* well we didnt 'win' anyway :)

then we had captain's ball...yesh im the only girl there trying so hard to get the ball, yet i either hit it away or miss it. eep. kan-chong lar :p 6-0 can u believe it?? JA team (my team) lost to Jeremy team (opponents). eeeeek!!!!!! SIX TO NIL!!!!!!!!!!

we had a really good time overall...tho we had like waaaaaaay little was a good number. nice get together. thanks a lot for coming down u all!!! hope u had fun!!

Saturday, December 21, 2002

heh heh..erm..erm...this was found under pj's webbie! *pts accusing finger at pj again*

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er eh? no im always invisible *smiles*

Friday, December 20, 2002

quizzes *beams* not my fault! *points to pj*

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sorry blogger im sorry :p

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Was really embarrassing yesterday... was at Tampines Mall's NTUC which's at the basement...then this lady was asking us to buy one more item to make it over $20 to get some points into the ntuclink card. she was speaking in chinese "qing ni duo na yi bao tang"(May you take another packet of sweets please) and i was like happily repeating her phrase again and again to my cousin while i followed her to grab one more packet of chocolates *beams* and when we went back to the cashier, i was still goin "qing ni duo" n im like oops the cashier's right in front of me. think she was about to stare and glare at me when i turned away and start laughing hysterically and my cousin was like "what d hell is wrong wif u?" embarrassing!!! didnt actually dare to look at the cashier after that for fear of... :P yeah. -hides face-

i need amazing race!
was jus thinking about how my thursdays are gonna be. im totally obsessed. was out for a cousin needed her lunch while i needed to post some xmas cards...then this lady came to ask us where -this- block was. and all of a sudden i feel like ooh this is amazing race. lolz. i have no idea really, jus apparently popped into my head. nooooo i need amazing race on thursdays!!!! -grumbles-

JJ Xmas-cum-LMNT Party
it's tml! gawd couldn't wait since weeks ago :p it's finally here. sure hope everything goes on well...(hi pj n yana!) yesh lolz...can't wait to see everyone there. aint gonna miss pj anymore. missed her for blue n holly valance =X cant believe our fate manz :p

Bear with me a little longer :p jus a bit too i needed quizzes! :p

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haaaaa :p

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there u noe why i said im like flo :X

Thursday, December 19, 2002

Amazing...but give her some credits

Flo and Zach won las night on amazing race 3 :) was really happy for them. guess many people hated flo. thought she was a bitch or something? I used to. but to think it over, i guess i'd be the same as her if i were in her shoes then. Yes, i'd be happy to be in the final 3. but to be in her state, u wanna pee but u cant. u wanna jus sit down n eat but ur constantly looking for a damn clue and running about even when u had no idea where u're heading. you're in for a bad day. obviously u'd be whining around. i'd admit it. she's so ME! i'd understand why she wans to quit. i'd be exactly the same...well maybe not the crying part...but look at the race. it was so physically and mentally consuming. i'd prolly be crying my eyes out hoping i'll be home the next moment.

Yes, i'm happy for their achievement. they did great. especially zach. he maintained being positive. but like he admitted "Even tho i told her everything's gonna be alright, but inside of me i'm like 'oh no we're gone'." even he admits it. he just probably has more positive intake than her. she's jus the same as zach. jus that she has more negative thinking and she says it out loud. no1 can force yourself to say it's gonna be alright and totally believe it, can u?

I think she did great for the quickdrop. at least she did force herself to do something at the very last minute. it was the final leg they had to put in their best foot. I would still say Flo and Zach did VERY well (even tho i'd prefer john vito and jill...) but to the final 3, i was definitely hoping on Flo & Zach.

I didn't like Teri and Ian...was probably because of Ian....he was too self-centered i suppose. when teri was trying her best to maintain her speed in running, Ian jus ran on without her screaming at her asking her to run faster. but when they were in for the quickdrop, even tho i believe teri was pretty afraid of the height and stuff, she kept on convincing ian that it's gonna be alright. teri did a great job i must say. ian's jus too full of himself..

the brothers! of cos. ppl loved them for their humour. i didnt quite like them either. they always 'help' the other teams but cause them to lose out in the end. it's so eeky. but they played well...they had the brains. and of cos...brothers...u'll always work out well this way...

still i'd luv to say flo and zach were the well-deserved winners. give flo a break, you flo-haters. she's being herself despite being on tv. she's tried her best. give her some credits!

song in mind: 'N Sync - I Don't Wanna Spend One More Christmas Without You

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

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wwwwrrrrrooonnngggggg girl wrong..hey wait did i do this b4? hmm..

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erm wat? good charlotte? hey they're cool i like 'em. but..-cough-

song in mind: Blue & Elton John - Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

hmm...penny for your thoughts....
was thinking about yesterday....i was in the MRT heading orchard....goin to wisma atria u see...then there was this old caucasian couple...sitting and chatting...looking very sporty & healthy like they're ready to climb a mountain..and yesh they're prolly my gram's age...well perhaps younger...prolly between 60-70+ yrs of age...(my gram's 80+)...then somewhere in between, we reached this stop where there's a lot of singaporeans who just barged into the mrt, found an empty seat, sit on it and start closing their eyes n like they're gonna sleep...funny sight. but really embarrassing as a singaporean myself. then there was this middle aged lady..with this..girl prolly around 5 yrs old? and that old man jus stood up gave his seat to her. erm. a localist needs a tourist to give up his seat? erm. i believe that girl's old enough to stand still...that old man prolly needs it better. hmm....

then when we were done at wisma, we were at orchard mrt when me n my dad were sitting down on this bench cos the next train was heading changi airport...then this middle aged lady with this toddler sitting in this..erm..thing while she carries it...u noe those baby stuff? yeah and she was carrying LOADS of stuff my god. my dad jus gave his seat to her. bless! the baby's like a little angel! well...'least it doesnt cry out loud. it was like looking around, observing the mother... everything...the mum was like asking the baby if it's alright..if she hurt him in anyway when she carried those stuff...sho shweetz! the baby was like smiling away!! ahh! lol...then the train came and she had loads of things...i was about to go up n help her but she's like smiling at me giving me that "no, thankiew dear" look...

sigh it's amazing aint it? tourists dont need our help. we need their help. how embarrassing. esp when those old couple looks like they're gonna have a tour! hmm...oh when we were in the mrt, there was this mother n son...also not were like asking around if the mrt was heading changi airport, the son was like "there mum, it says to changi airport after expo" and stuff...n the mum jus didnt believe lol...poor son manz...and towards the whole ride they were like should we get off? how do u noe? n tho they asked around, im relieved they asked the right people...those who could speak english, those who bothered to help...-laughs-

dont ask me why im doing this...was jus a little more observant yesterday *smiles* rmb ppl...tourists need our help more than we need theirs. don disgrace ourself! lol! (but lianne's alright since she's not a tourist *smile lianne*) jus thot pj's webbie was always full wif long entries...very er motivating u noe? :p

my bro jus left for penang. dang. i wanna get outta here :P but not at this time...cos my thing's here again -yawn- k nvm. been decorating my phone. lol! er...yeah 'decorating'. *smilez* not about to drop it again heheehe....went out shoppin @ wisma atria earlier...pretty ex stuff there...nothing very appealling cos i didn't walk around much u see...jus went to giordano, u2 and bossini...oni bought this top from u2...$23. didnt think it was very worth it but my dad said it was alright. so -hums- im not the one paying anyway :X

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

i got 8250!!! *bounce* wanted this since....*counts* half a year ago. lol. whooopee

Monday, December 16, 2002

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Sunday, December 15, 2002

bleargh. i nid a new mobile. *smiles* spoilt fone = new fone wahahhaa :P *cough* er yeah. apparently it went mad after i dropped it unfortunately....and it ended up in a small puddle of -eeky- water at the temporary busstop opposite my school. -cough- what's more, it was drizzling. so yeah. opened it up n dried everything, yet it kinda gone mad. cancel button became the # sign. up button became 3. sometimes they switched, and everything! eeks. no phone till tmr i guess...when i get a new one *innocent smiles* now is this gd news or bad news? *crosses fingers for 6510*

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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

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*cough* er okie :p

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was out to my AVA Chalet yesterday. whoa amazingly fun. :p went bowling for the first time~! well i wasn't supposed to play it but they needed one more im like okie fine...n my fren taught im like er...k....i wasnt too sure..but first hit, 8-9 pins down. *smiles* that was amazing. lol. we had 2 it was like more n more horrid!! lol i was losing...but it was pretty fine...always left between 1-3 pins *smile* then halfway later it kept goin to the gullet!! *sniffle* dang. lol. then midway thru the 2nd game, i striked! *bounce* im nutto abt bowling. damn.

song of the day (4got abt this segment for a while. eep!): Stole by Kelly Rowland

What swear word are you?

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*sniff* i didn't mean to be THAT bad...

Sunday, December 08, 2002

went shopping today...little crazy. u noe, Mums. u can always predict them. my dad n i were following her shopping around...i wud admit i was lookin around too...den my dad n i got a bit tired..but my mum...whoa...outburst of energy...den my dad was like tryin to get her outta the shops to go for dinner :P den she started sayin oh i havent buy my new yr clothes n she dragged me into this fashion...n she looked around for clothes for me (*cough* she has totally different taste from me so yeah :p) n im like nah to everything....den she started looking for her own clothes. *sigh* den we had a wholeeeeeeeee waiting time till we had dinner. mums...u never figure if they DID mean it was for u :P

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

wanted to blog yesterday but it had this "unable to blog" thingie. eekz. dono what happen oso. *shrug* well thanks to those ppl who commented, i was reconsidering about writing what happened yesterday *rolls eyes* but who cares lar. i noe im clear of wat im doin can liaos. pls applaud :P jus kiddin :)
well met loads of ppl yesterday...*counts* 5. daphne, kenneth, chuntsen, cassandra and jeremy lolz. well daph went to collect her prize u see. we so happen to *cough* be the 5 ppl waiting outside for him to entertain his clients. *cough* if they WERE clients. :p yeah..we got to see the lmnt posters which'll be given away (see below). first200. good stuff manz. double-sided poster. how good can that be? goodies. den we had a chat in the cafe on the ground level...long chat...from ghost experiences to handwriting to lessons to choir to *cough* a china gift to erm...jus loads. lol. every1 was funny. ;p nice mtg overall so yeah. :) -shuts up b4 any1 says anything-

today was terribly boring. school school school. i wana give up on the whole thing. onli got like 4 more days and we're far from finishing. egad. i regretted joining from the start. i don't know why. i didnt like the thing about having to go to school during the holidays. icky. i wanna jus slack at home! :p sounds nicer *lol* eeks...unfortunately we have a girl who refuses to give up. she doesnt like the idea of giving up halfway. *shrug* we'll see how long we can handle this. *groan*

advertising job :P

Sunday, December 01, 2002

*sighs* pissed fren's like totally pissing me off. she was MAD. i tried changing topics...i told her about the soccer match..told her i cant believe man utd won...told her all those stuff, tried tellin her dont think abt it cos u cant do anything abt it...and what do i get? "don't provoke me" wow. how nice eh? i don easily get pissed. i get pissed when im accused of doing something else when i had a gd intention. *growls* now don't come near me or i'll bite ur head off anytime.