Wednesday, January 29, 2003

was REALLY pissed yesterday..which i thank god im not now...really excited abt tmr..reunion dinner *grin* i SO can't wait!! :p n lesson's ending so i better run first :p blog when im home!

Saturday, January 25, 2003

i must say im pretty jealous with loads of people around me who managed to see everyone at fullerton, hotel and stuff. im wonderin why i didnt chase afterall, so gimme a min or 2, lemmi jus let things run through again in my head. my head hurts and i still got loads to do, so pardon me n just take me as tho im blabbering.

im actually quite glad i didnt chase any particular star which prolly will be avril if i did cos i still wanna see evan. he's so bloody hot. :p well, im glad cos i'll prolly be groaning n moaning n acting like some sicko here, prolly even crying, sayin i miss some1 so n so...which did happen for a1. so im probably relieved. i don't know really. im still wondering why i didnt chase. now im contradicting myself. the autograph session was pretty bad. all i had was a handshake. but still, at least i wont be groaning around. *shrugs*

im having a headache but i got loads to do. still got this chinese thingie...n art...which i haf to paint. but pardon me while i go have my nap or im not gonna survive today. not feeling very happy today cos some1 in irc jus pissed me off earlier. yes, i do mean piss me off.

enetation's down again when i wanna see my comments. *yawN* what is THIS! gee. but anyway, im fine even if i don't sound quite sane as usual. or insane as usual. wutever way u put it, im off to slp.

sorry havent been bloggin :p for the past...2 days :p im really tired now so prolly gonna snooze off after blogging *laughs*

maa this yr is sooo much better than last year..!! :p scripts were MUCH better, not to mention it's not lame. *lol* missy elliott got the party to work it from the start, followed by shaggy and coco...n all was really good...screamed from the start...then there was atomic kitten...not sure if they were lip-synchin or not...hope not..they were good :) n half an hr later, im like oh god im tired how m i gonna survive the next 2 and a half hrs? *laughs* then yea..avril made us all wake up n jump again!! :p *laughs* sk8erboi!! :p i first saw evan n im like omg...n i started screamin for evan but i seriously doubt he cud hear cos no1 else did the same!! Lol...then robbie was fab too!! lol...started singing really loud n stuff...n he went off the stage n walked...n every1's screaming :p *thinks* then linkin park won a few awards n chester!! *screams* lol i was like one of the VERY few screamin for him as well...every1's like woooo!!!!! linkin park!!!! n stuff if u actually hear 'chester!!!!!!' that's me. *laughs* then yea blue was last to love...we were all dancing to it i was pretty a dance-a-long kinda stuff...really good stuff...then the balloons came down *lol* yeah in all it was fab!!

it's no wonder it's gonna be really memorable for me and i believe i wont get over it till quite a while later...cos it's the first-ever concert i've been to n it's asia's hugest event. what can i say!! lol (thanx shona!!!!!!!!!!!)

Autograph Sessions
went to AK n avril's autosess today...AK was alright...was there pretty late..1.30 or so. *laughs* n it was still goin on so it's fine...n they were really friendly people i cud tell...they posed for all the cameras at the end. so it was pretty cool.

avril's one...the queue was reaaaaaally long...decided to give the autograph a miss...tho i JUST bought the album *sniffle* any1 wan it? im willin to sell it for $16....:pyeah then when they were leavin...i was much closer to the side...then yea i grabbed hold of evan's hand *laughs* handshake yeah...n he walked off...he was REALLY cute *grin*

*points to the picture on top of my blog* see that? :P never regreted puttin that collage up *grin*

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

1 more day to...
*laughs* i update faster than him :p

ahh i hadnt blogged much!! :p let's see...
i was so happie on tues cos it was the best tues of the 3 wks of sch so far. we had fire drill so we missed like almos half the day's lesson which was REALLY cool cos i wasnt in the mood at all *grin* we were released early too :p so it was fabulous. *grin* but the fire drill thignie was lame...we were all on the field, wonderin what to do...wonderin what to c...wat to

yesterday was super boring i guess...tho i was terribly hyper..think i lost my hyperness...but ah well...i'll get it back tmr evening. *grin* we're havin a relief teacher durin comp studies (who's supposed to be the instructor of our comp club)...n this teacher's so.... ermmm....i dono...if he's teaching us tmr..i swear i wont be able to beg for earlier dismissal. sucks man. gonna cab home, cab there.. $_$ my money!!!! ahh well...

still cant believe chester's already in sg...looking VERY MUCH forward to matchbox20/robbie/avril 's performance... AND may atomic kitten sing live. lol. they always lip-synch in performances hope they dont at MAA!! :)

2 more days to...

Saturday, January 18, 2003

5 more days to...
p/s: fine i shall mention. giving credits to for that pic. lol

ahh was a bit pissed earlier..cos of some stuff abt my brother...was staying up las nite to watch temptation island so i can help stop the tape (as i was recording for him) when the show ended n tok to my bro when he was back frm work. was feeling a bit tired n it was past midnight, then he reached home. so i was like yea trying to talk to him...n then! my grams came n nag n say i shud let my bro go have a bath first. blah. im like fine. im all tired already. so i went to sleep. next morning, i woke up like 9+ so i cud tok to him during breakfast...but then i havent washed up..n when i wash up, i'll bathe as i went to switch on the heater..n spoke to him for a while. then, my grams came n ask me to bathe n said my bro cant be late for work. like what d hecK? i mean he's MY BROTHER! i cant even talk to my own damn brother? oh wait. perhaps she didnt like the idea of me the tiny little GIRL to talk to the BROTHER. *rofl* i remember las time when i went out with my bro, she's like saying dont stick to each other n stuff. *cackle* that was SO lame.

if this goes on, i'll prolly be emailing my bro. how pathetic. when ur bro stays with u, u cant even talk to him. wat kinda f***ing logic was that!

6 more days to...

Friday, January 17, 2003

man. met a friend yesterday, she got me a tic already...aww THANKIEW SHONA! *smuakz* thankiew thankiew thankiew THANKIEW. i can never thank u enuff :p ahhhhhhhh i cant believe i'll be seeing....robbie williams (!!!), avril lavigne (ahh!), AK, blue, mike/chester n jo(still havent figured out if it's mike or chester who's p10 says chester...but the advert on channel i says mike!), shaggy, missy elliot(she's damn cooL~!), errrrmmmm wait lemmi thinK! lol...who else ar?? suede, f4(it's fine if they dont come, relli..doesnt affect me LOL), david tao, jay chou, oh how can i 4get....matchbox20, cocolee, urban xchange (again lol), anggun's comin too!! cant think of who else...but omg i cant believe itttt!!!! thanx shona thanx thanx thanx!!

had media rep training today..n i was SO tired...couldn't stop yawning...came straight home after that...slept from 10am to 12.30pm. lol! *oink* :p not feeling very energetic either now. *shrug* mite be goin to roadshow tmr...tryin to get tix for my yeap prolly go attract attention tmr. lol. we'll c how first. :) byebye to my pissed off days! :p oh yea...but i still nid m i gonna get a gd seat if i finish cca at 5pm next fri?! (other than skip the whole day or skip cca that is..)

one moment i was so enthusiastic n excitied about going to maa. next moment i dont have the tickets. how pathetic. well apparently my fren 'lost' the tics...thru her maid...which is a long story n b4 i start grumbling i shan't start on the story. doesnt do me any good. tho i DID sob n sniff yesterday over it. (thanx whoever tried cheerin me up, gr8ly appreciated) now im jus gonna pray for p10 i guess...called in earlier when jean was hosting!! they wanted caller no.10...i was caller no.3 :~( too early i s'pose. lol. will try again soon...

met shona today. (finally...) lol i mean we're both in the same sch n AFTER 1 yr n 2 weeks, i finallyyyyyyyyy spoke to her. *shakes head* wassup wif us man. lol. she's goin to maa too :~( ah waddeheck...pray pray! :p

today was a bad day which turned out to be good. i dono why...these days my days either starts off horrid, end well...or start off good end of horrid. *shakes head* bad combi!! yesterday was such a superb day till...*thinks* till i came home. today was bad till....*shrugs* PE was alright...didnt hurt my neck (whew). chinese was borrrrring...but ah well...moral ed sucked. the teacher was sooooo superrr late so i was doing my chinese hw while waiting...then she came n i wrote halfway...den she tok tok tok, so i continued...put one question mark(was copyin the qn u see), then i closed my bk. den she walked up to me stared n glared at me n went "do i teach u chinese?" i shook my head, she took my whole pad of foolscap n took my chinese textbk. im like oh god. she's so...give-no-mercy eek. im like waddeheck. then we had this fire drill practise thingie....n we had early i went back, our teacher's bag was still there...n im like shucks. i wan my chinese bk back. oh god what if i don get it back? i nid $$ to buy new txtbk n foolscap..(it was a new pad mind u..) n everything...when i went back to class....WHEW lol. she left the bk on the table. im like my god. lol. that was the end of the bad parts of the day! whoopee...

then we had english which was fun...we had treasurehunt...n our grp was d first to find those stuff....n we had tickling session among my group lol. n one of 'em sprayed water thru her waterbottle n i was wet!!! lolz. that was pretty fun lar but :p heh....
then d&t...which i dreaded soooo much today i dono why...but it turned out just fine!! u see..something's wrong man. whatever i dread, i find it's alright at the end of the day. something i look forward to always turn out bad....weird weird....
then music...they tested us on our sch song. my god. i was panicky AT THE VERY LAS MIN! n i totally absolutely 4got one phrase. gee. n the forfeit was to sing on stage during assembly k. im like oh god oh god...den our music tcher gave a lot of chances so yeah it wasnt too bad...but i was SO FREAKED OUT! lol...but it was alright, really :p

i finally saw pj's vid...(one love for love for mediaworks....) LOL that was SO cute! :P *cackle* vote for them!! key in "mtv group j" send to 72 666 if im not cents per sms. that was SO cute lol...the kids portion was cool too lol...relli gd stuff today! :p
song playin on p10 now: j lo - jenny from the block

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

i'm attempting to write an entry in the midst of total madness. in comp lab now supposed to be printing some stuff..well hey i AM printing. *angel* :p been having a boring day...well loads to make up for my weekends...didnt study one single bit! :p i mean well...sunday i was n outta house...finished homework las errr...heh :p was feeling terribly stressed yesterday cos my day is SO packed. well flag day's changed to feb so it's fine...this sat still got ava training tho. sick baby! *sighs*

been really enthusiastic to meet my juniors in school..2weeks is gone n i've yet to noe a single one lol. that's terrible ain't it? seems now like they only know the PSLs. *grumbles@psls* (really, i dont mean u, daph :P) been trying my best to know them but i cant seem to squeeze my time out! *feels like a horrid senior* ah wait, i dont feel like a senior at all. still feel so sec-1-ish. help!! :p what is streaming man? no such thing in my dictionary just as yet. *laughs*

can't really wait for MAA...first event i've ever gonna be going to...not been to any concerts or ANYTHING at all *frowns* i mean erm...oh okie does choir concerts count? pathetic lol. im dying to go to an event to PARTY in! :p

okie i think im goin off...have this huge feeling the girl beside me was staring at my screen. eep. i dont even noe her. lol. see ya!
song of the day: john mayer - your body is a wonderland

i need help! lol i was finding it tough to smile...then i went crazy, laughing n all that, then i was supppeeeerrrr enthusiastic..den i had headache...den blur. it's like happy, sad, happy, sad, happy, sad dono how many times in less than 24hrs. lol.

ahh firstly, have to thank every1 who tried to cheer me up yesterday...or thanks for the well definitely feeling much much better, tho i havent really solved my problem yet...

2ndly...advertising first :p i'll be having flag day *yawn* 15th feb. my first time lar. so if u like ask me what organisation do the money go to n all that i'll be like "huh?" :p

finally...if u guys saw the pic on Life! newspaper...2nd the guy with the shaved head with MTV printed on it? whoa that guy is like whoa man lol. kelly spotted him first when we were goin on to the 2nd level..den i realised :p desperate measures they resort to eh? :p
song of the day: eminem - lose urself

Monday, January 13, 2003

utterly off-pissing day. (sorry i had to use UTTerly). was soooooo fucked off today. it was SUCH a wonderful day. till after sch when everything went wrong. it totally sucked. oh look it rhymed with fuck. hmm..

first n foremost, i had to rush thru my bloody lunch for this EXCO meeting...the committees n reps r s'posed to b there. despite countless attempts of telling the teachers i do not want to be part of the committee, it doesnt seem to help does it? den i was late for the meeting ANYWAY. they jus made me in this awkward position. but who carez.

then comp club started which was horrid. i was LATE for comp club bcos of the meeting. how amazing is that? den again i was in this bloody awkward position. like im the las person n i jus disrupted the breifing. then she mentioned abt splitting the sec2s and sec3s into different days (we were s'posed to be combined u c...) and then sec2s were supposedly on monday while the sec3s get transferred to friday. den everybody's like so bleargh. she changed us to friday. im like shit. maa how? after tolerating the whole comp club, went to find the teacher...n she's like yes separation starts next week. im like shit. so was begging her to start the separation next next wk. she's like no blah blah blah. so i told her i attend the sec3s one for a day. she's like no mine not special case. i told her my whole damn situation she told me take cab there. ooh easier said than done eh? yep yep. 5pm released, take cab there, see ants. hmm. wat the f lor. like bloody shit it took me so long to get the bloody freaking tix n now everything's so wrong. i swear i almos cried in front of her. bloody shit. any1 goin for standing? plssssssssssssssss help me chop places? dammit. she expect me to go in sch u with sch bag issit? wat d crap. n she gave me that 'oh not my problem' look. f. oh sure sure. i got the bloody tix cos i knew fri i WAS DAMN FREE. shit. now what?

tried goin jogging to vent my anger. doesnt seem to help. my heart was begging me not to make it have to beat faster. my legs begged me not to run anymore. my eyes were begging to close. my body was begging for sleep. so tired yet i don feel like sleeping a single bit. crap man.

song of the day: atomic kitten - last goodbye
apologies for vulgarities used

Sunday, January 12, 2003

sorry again. bear with me pls :P jus a few more. i find his younger days pictures so cute *cackle*

this is...him when he's young! lol

im going crazy. bear with me pls :p

Saturday, January 11, 2003

pretty tiring day...:p left house like 8.30 feeling bad enough that lianne, dee, amy...every1's at heeren queueing already and im around 9+ n there were these girls doing flag day...the way i made it was pretty obvious i was in a hurry...den one of 'em jus stood RIGHT in front of me. n im like GREAT. *doh* hahhaha...

yep den made my way there...god damn the queue was soooo bloody long...was in the 3rd row wif lianne, jane...n stuff...and waited...till like 11-ish? n this lady went..."sorry dears it's only given out to first 80 people" n she gave that dont-u-noe?? look. gee. like how on earth we noe. so many ppl said 200 summore....!! so we decided to try the roadshow...i mean hey im underage for the damn moshpit audition *grumbles* well jas stayed behind...den dono why...dee, amy n kelly oso stay behind. lol...well it was alright lar..the waiting part was bad...den yeah we were sitting down behind the stage...('backstage' lol) den we realised on our right is urban n we're like eh? oh okie....i cudn't recognise 'em :p *cough* den yeah....sun ho came...we're like erm who gives a damn lol! :p den me n jas wanted to go out n see how's the queue at 5566 auto sess (not that im interested, really...dont go for chinese bands, infact). den we saw UTT!! *screams* he was walking in, i ran back to dee n all n was like utt's here!!! lol. he's so damn cute! :P then carrie chong was hosting the thingie with him...urban xchange sang buzzin for the 3rd time..the song's still ringing in my head!! there was this grp of girls..u cant help but notice 'em....they were on our of 'em was wearing this which at the back is only strings...the front is not VERY girl was wrapped in towel and had a shower cap...which was like GEE! how desperate can u get? a guy shaved his head n printed mtv on his head. that was cool :p

yep and when it ended, we happened to be at the exit area...utt n carrie were coming out...n whoa...a mob! :p i got pushed everywhere man. pissed with the crowd. acting yeah i got pushed from one the centre of the where dee are..almos fell on her...pushed n pushed...n im like wat the hell relax man how's he gonna get out at this state? he came out...jas was next to me...she shook his hand...didnt seem like she wanna let go...i was putting out my hand waiting for jas to let go first...he was like trying so hard to reach out for my hand..den shaking both hands lol..den jas let go...den i was holding on to his hands...i said hi...he was like trying so desperately to get outta the crowd despite having some guards around...some1 snatched his hat i think..poor dude...

well we tried finding sight of him at all...well amanda said she saw him at HRC after i presume that's where he left for...*mutters*

lianne, jane, aida, amanda all got sitting tix! *sighs* I wan oso leh!! jump n enjoy the show for 3hrs? erm..........
song of the day: urban xchange - buzzin' (they were good...n the song's still ringing in my head! damn! Lol)

Friday, January 10, 2003

im feeling bad!! ;p my neck hurts. hurts. hurts. hurts. it hurts!! onli the left side tho...the gymnastics stuff during PE today caused it. mus have done a flip wrongly. *mutters* it hurts! hope i don end up in a neck cast :X oh wait MAA's coming up. cannot cannot cannot!! lol...

gonna queue tmr...HOPEFULLY i get a tic...apparently there're already people queueing...*curses* damn. and unfortunately i do think they're chinese band fans..mos prob f4...i mean who else to go AS CRAZY AS THAT than f4? the last time they came for some handshake session already so bad. gee. i mean...bleargh. *prays* dono how earli i can go oso. prolly 10+ reach there. by that time the queue prolly went around the whole heeren. lol. GEE WHY M I CURSING MYSELF! *touches wood*
Song Of The Day: Michelle Branch - Sweet Misery

Thursday, January 09, 2003

sorry for whining this morning..was jus feeling horrid...but i pretty much cheered was pretty alright. well compared to las yr, it's fabulous LOL. it was pretty boring lar but my guardian angels on my sides (audrey n fiona, thx girls) were like chattin wif me the whole art...lking at bks n total rubbish stuff but it's fine :p

ah look at the going crazy soon...i mean it ain't too much. but lk at the amt u have to revise. thank god i revised throughout the week. wonder how ppl like *cough*audrey*cough* is gonna revise everything. lol. oops sorry girl :D then my chinese...gee im gonna have to go thru 2ice i think. my chinese SUCK. gonna go mugging...reaaaaally hope the efforts pay off when streaming's around. im jus trying to learn from my mistakes last year. all my revision came from last minute. n the results sucked. esp chinese n history. *prays* pls gimme a gd history teacher. i promise to pay attention during history! :p can't get anymore Cs or i'll have to take 2 humans...SICK! i hate humans :X oops.

damn i think im gonna turn into a nerd as usual...mug mug mug!

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

currently in school...dreading the 2nd half of the day jus hoping the day wud end soon. having art later...absolute torture in my sch. research, brainstorm, research, brainstorm, and the final product's always..bleargh. im trying very hard to start off the day well hoping it would be well. i remember last year, when i first had art in tkgs..i HATED it. i almos cried bcos of it. i never felt any stress in any subjects but THIS. dont ask me why eh. i think audrey remembers that. *shrug* that was ages ago. now we had to start it all over again. im getting so sick of art. oh i cant wait for next yr. no more art. :p

ah well bad memories aside...hoping to go queue for tix this saturday..hoping to get 'least one tic. oh wait i ONLY can get one tic. gee...absolutely can't wait for MAA. :p first event i ever been to. the biggest live thing i went to was prolly some showcase. gee. pathetic.

im pretty much tied up with my schedule currently...still working on some bloody chinese website which was terribly much pissing me off yesterday...thx for the calls's like number 1, i skipped lunch bcos of that. bad enuff. number2, it was supposed to end at 4.30..somehow the teacher doesnt get my hint when i keep chking my watch. AND, it ended at 5.15++ which was bad too. it destroyed my plans for my mum's bday yesterday. *grumble* number3, i rushed across the road n my fren ended up havign to wait for the NEXT green man and i missed 2 buses even when it was possible to run for it she took her bloody sweet time which was makin me pissed. number 4, when we reached the mrt interchange after waiting for ages for the damn bus, we missed a train, which we prolly could've boarded that if we took the ONE we COULD run for. n now they're gonna drag it into my chasing week. *hums* which is SO irritating. it always DOES destroy my weeks. some bloody website projects here n there...destroyed my my chasing week. hmm..

well anyway it was my mum's bday yesterday..she shared the same bday as elvis presley! :p jus bought a simple cake..well my bro did cos he didnt have sch forest's all i guess...gave my mum a hug today n she went "over liao lah.." gee.

hope my day turns out fine..gonna smile...may the art period not kill me. :p oh and today's a bad day..having HCL lessons later..till 2+ argh! hope to go home right after that...DO NOT care if my fren wans to go home with me today liao. like who carez man. i nid to go back n mug den can go online rite? geeee...why m i feeling so down today?
song of the day: holly valance - naughty girl (why is this song in my head?!)

Saturday, January 04, 2003

im trying to work on a website...doubt it'll actually last long cos i have no idea whta to add in it either :p gime suggestions yea? :) when it's actualli done, i'll do a hugeeeee link on it lol!

Thursday, January 02, 2003

pretty much gave up on the previous days....did so much, the thing disappeared, den do again, the comp hanged. hey i spent a lot of time doing the parts on my feelings of the secondary 1 orientatioN!! bleargh. was jus thinking about last year secondary 1 orientation when i went back to help on this year's orientation which was on was the new principal who was our ex VP....when she was doing the felt different i guess...Mrs Chan gave a firmer assurance to us by the way she speaks. *shrug* hope she is a gd principal! :p

oh yeah n i cut my hair on saturday. bleargh. bloody short! *sniff*

errrrrmmmm.....oh yeah today! :p it was MUCH better than i thought. our FM jus got us to write journals to her. hmm. i'll have LOADS to tell her. interesting life i lead :) probably more interesting than most of my friends from what i know. or maybe I feel it's interesting but it's boring to them. hmm...*shrug*

felt a bit weird today really...i mix around with my seniors much yeah it feels a bit weird cos they're now sec3 or 4 so it's hard to like u noe, meet during breaks and im trying my best to fit into my class...hoping my class would be bonded...but it's still weird. i'll try adapting soon :) wish me luck!!

pretty much lost my mood to blog! eek. when i actually had the mood, the comp doesnt work well on me. GEE! what is wrong with my fate! *grumbles* ah well...
Song Of The Day: Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River