Wednesday, February 26, 2003

had a fabulous day yesterday *g*. apart frm my bro buying me another top...adidas top this's kinda yea anyways, it's nice. :) he bought me a bodyglove top the other day. luvly :p so sweet of him *smiles*

won a daredevil movie pack yesterday *bounce* well it was during music monitor..but ja didnt ask me for the 3 songs...he said "cos i noe u surely will get them correct". im like tho' i'd really prefer the Busted album! :p guess i'll grab it soon wif my own $$. they played the 6th track off their album las nite...n it sounded a bit slow as well... wait! are they a boyband or a rock band?!?! lol. like somewhere halfway, they're like suddenly so boyband-ish...suddenly they're so rockband-ish. but i luv year3000...fab song!

in sch at the mo..about like 10mins plus to science...n we've got another practical lesson on our fungi. *grin* i luv the xperiment...but spare me from the report writing.. sux man :p ah wellz..cant wait for the term break!!

song of d day: busted - year3000

Sunday, February 23, 2003

Wanna-be Psycho. Well you try...
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you try, but you just can't pull off a psycho.
You are a disgrace to the Ordinance of the

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erm...not too true. heh.

"The Unbelieveable Naked (well half naked) Truth"
forgot to mention about this yesterday!! :p this is really amazing..i HAVE to mention this...!!
well yesterday when jeremy & ja were hosting the total defence show, there was this game...something about forming the longest line with what u your bag...etc etc...and there was this old ah pek..prolly like 60+yrs old? yeah n he was like pretty enthusiastic about this game n the game he participated in earlier. as the audience were all pretty young kids or grown-ups (prolly parents of those kids), i was pretty surprised at such enthusiasm he has, especially for his age. so he pretty much caught my attention for the first time. then when they were playing that game, i don't know if he HAS to win or he's just being..."open", he unzipped his pants, took it off and placed it on the floor. if he's the age of my bro's, yea sure fine, that's pretty sexy aint it (oops i cant believe i said that). :p but anyways, for a 60-yr-old guy with all the white hair, really, ah pek....i don't quite think that was very erm...appeasing...and esp when more than half the audience were young kids (abt 7yrs old) wasn't too...educational, was it? heh. and what's more..he was all about to unbutton his shirt too! at first they were all somewhere the middle of the stage...n jeremy being pretty terrified, walked forward to the stage, faced us n not that ah pek, and was like "oh my god" n we, audience, were all like horrified, disgusted, amazed, all at the same time! then ja was like oh nono keep your shirt on...u can have your pants on too!! n yeah half the time they were persuading that guy to put on his pants. lolz. it was pretty erm...horrible...but yea. unbelieveable!!!!!!

ain't having any title for today...:p
went to the total defence thingie once again cos my mum wanted to go shopping...she managed to persuade me to go with her. (i hate shopping without a motive. i only shop when i know what i wanna buy, u see. :p)so yea i told her fine, after lunch, then it came to my mind that Denise&Shareen will be there from 2-4. lolz. well i told denise i'll mos prob go say hi 2 her if im going. she told me they'd be there from 2 to 4. :) so yeah i only needed to go to popular. so i told my mum to go on with all her shopping while i'll just stay there n let myself be entertained there n i'll meet her when she's goin to popular. ;) then i said hi to denise..told her im annabelle, she heard isabel, she said hi like no Annabelle. n she was like annabelle...OH ANNABELLE!! lolz. and i was like staring&staring...den we had quite a talk..told her about yesterday...esp the national anthem part...!! lol..then yea i told her quite some stuff...then shareen came (was pretty amazed at shareen's bod. she's pretty thin really...but she's got a nice figure. heh.) then i said hi...then denise intro-ed me to Valerie...their sales personnel of power98 or something like that...i think i remembered seeing her at CMPB (to daph, kenneth, chuntsen...remember got one lady popped into the cafe n jeremy intro-ed her to us?). i said hi anyways....yeah then i chatted with denise till she had to go on with her "business talk", she calls it. lol.

then, the first part was pretty much giving out prizes for answers to their questions....or rather performing their tasks...and the very first one, denise asked who has a gd voice...n she got that little kid to sing the 1st 2 lines of our national anthem. n i was like staring @ denise. hey she stole JA's idea. lolz. anyways, pretty much later, like 5-10 mins b4 it ended, i had to go didnt really manage 2 say bye (felt pretty bad abt that...!) n yeah guess i'll power sms her again tmr. hah! :p

song of the day: urban xchange - stupid

Saturday, February 22, 2003

I am 45% British, just like
Catherine Zeta Jones
A true English rose, but you know where the money is.

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Plastic Surgery Please!
today was like total embarrassment!! was supposed to meet my fren @ tampines interchange at 1pm...i left house at like 12.30....finally caught a bus n reached there close to i walked down to mcdonalds n grabbed a coke....walked back, near some total defence area thingie...called my friend...turn to my right, saw Jeremy when i hung up, i went to him n said hi...he said he was in a rush...den he said hi as well..den his mobile rang im like errrrr i walked further down to near the mrt station there....JA was on stage...n there was like Amazing Learning Race...upon waiting for the contestants to finish the 'race', i jus stood there n watched the little entertainment on stage, laughing, watching, waiting..when my friend came, we watched while they gave prizes to those who won, played another game n stuff...then there were dancing performances n we decided to go into Tampines Mall...then we took the neoprint stuff but it was on a card...(i looked so solemn lol). then we walked out again, then there was like a little bit of the performance left, so we watched, then JA n Jeremy were on stage again, there was this mini "Wheel of Fortune" thingie...they chose one guy, JA (unfortunately) pointed to me to go up. i was like walking up very reluctantly, Jeremy was like "oh the girl with the wallet! come on up on stage" im like errrr....taking my time to walk up...lolz..then i was pretty worried cos i know nuts about the defences. lol. so i stood there, mouthing to my friend "HELP ME!!" lolz...yea..

then the embarrassment came...the first question i got it wrong, as well as the first guy, the 2nd guy got it correct. 2nd question, 1st guy got it right, 2nd guy got it right. my task then was to sing the 1st 2 lines of our national anthem..i was standing there, giggling, so embarrassed...hoping they'd give me a 'nicer' task. jeremy sure helped. he asked the audience to giv me a round of applause to support me. im like wow thx. lolz. yea i sang anyway. in front of TAMPINES. thankiew v much. geez. :p then 3rd question, all 3 of us got it right...then the 2nd guy obviously got first for getting everything right...then i thought it was over so happily i was ready to walk down the stage, then JA said we hav a tie breaker to place 2nd n 3rd. im like righttttt.....n yeah i got it i got i got a watch n a notebook...lolz. the watch was pretty cool for a total defence's like a nomal watch with words ALL OVER it. black n white. pretty cool.

well they still hav it tmr with Shareen & Denise so u guys can go hav fun there....see how embarrassing it'd be. :p heh. well..happy total defence anyways. lolz. i need a plastic surgery. singing majulah singapura in front of the whole ketchup dance in front of whole east coast park... rrrrrightttt....*shudders* lolz. sabo i call it. :p

Thursday, February 20, 2003

eeps! haven't blogged for 4 days! that's the longest break i had from blogger in history! ;p

love my new blog template. sorry every1 who doesnt like eminem. jus couldn't help it. :p im still dying to watch 8mile here like hello?? waiting for the DVD/VCD to be out here. lolz. what to do?! :p

today's art lesson was brilliant for once. we jus sat there listened n that's it. *laughs* brilliant brilliant. best art lesson i've had so far. *sparkle* there isn't much work to do for art this week *beams* brilliant brilliant. during which, my frens were having this sudden 'enthusiasm' for art..they were fighting to answer the teacher's questions which sparked up the lessons a little...making our dear art teacher laugh a little...which is pretty amazing to see cos i haven't seen her laugh at STUDENTS before. dear me, i ain't trying to be sarcastic here *grin*

after which, laughing at the jokes...was terribly enthusiastic during English partner n i prolly paid the most attention there...was shooting out all the answers...if my answer isn't out, i'll shout it out and make sure it IS out. *laughs* something was very wrong with me there. :p

oh oh...and this morning...i was voted as AVA level co-ordinator for all the AV reps which was really purely sabotage. hey, doesnt mean i go to the general office every morning, do all my duties means i'm so responsible in handling the whole level dears. shucks. k wait, im av rep, av lvl co-ordinator, cca lvl rep. wha. sec2 yr the yr ur supposed to get SO involved in these stuff? i wonder...

song being sung by me the whole day in sch: Gabrielle - Out Of Reach
p/s: relatively short entry convenience for those who complained that my entries are too long n wordy for u to read. but i'll only make this exception here. :p cos i quite ran out of stuff to say. :p

Sunday, February 16, 2003

my v-day was quite a bad one actually...after posting the lyrics of At The Beginning, i went to sleep :p i slept for long!! finally i had my 8 hrs of sleep considering the fact i woke up at 5.45am the next morning *grin* well had to wake up for flag day u c...yeah....perhaps the headache desperately wanted to date me lol. i went home after cca feeling my head aching..:p but it was great fun in school b4 my headache appeared...i bought sweets for my whole class n other friends (*grin shona*) n stuff....then my friends gave me *recalls* hershey kisses...dairy milk chocolate, toblerone, yupi sweets, marble(?!), cards....n stuff....*laughs* one of my gd friend in school gave me a hug for the sweet n my other classmates were like staring at us, pretty immaturely giving comments, n we were like laughing at 'em n my friend went towards them n went "why? jealous ar? come i give u a hug as well" hahahaha...n they're like nono it's fine. :p

then we had a little photo taking session...taking pictures in our cliques...posing real weirdly...there was a pic of me n a whole grp of friends, one of 'em on my right punching me while i punched her back *lol* weird stuff. but i so love my class *grin* can't imagine how we're gonna leave each other @ the end of this yr! *sniffle*

Flag Day
had flag day yesterday (thx a lot every1 for not coming down despite my sms-es or my reminders in my blog *glares*) lolx. but it was real fun...shall start with the gd stuff....there were a few interesting people...*laughs* some having to donate the money without me approaching them...some old ladies donating more like bcos they couldn't bear to see the people before them rejecting me so evilly...*laughs* they're really nice people. there was this erm..prolly newly-opened shop...many sales people were standing outside giving out flyers regarding some promotion..n this of the friendlier ones saw me strolling past their shop asking ppl for their donations said hi to me (?!) n yeah n i was standing not too far away from their shop asking loads of ppl to donate...but v few did, i almos gave up, went to him n asked him to donate n he laughed. lolx. it was really amusing n he went in to get smaller change :p then there was this ang moh who was with his wife and baby daughter...they just got off a cab n i approached 'em n the guy (who's quite cute ;p) was asking me what it's for and how much he was supposed to donate lol. i told him it's goin to a children's home, bcos he wont noe which if i told him anywayz, n i told him he could donate 10cents n above. seems to me he was being pretty generous, digging for the coins he had in the pocket of his jeans and he donated a dollar. :)

then the bad side was that just realising that singaporeans are pretty much practising racism...which is, in a way, very disappointing...there were a few malays who were quite reluctant on donating but upon seeing it's going to jamiyah children's home, they started donating. *stares* n there were worse. there was this chinese lady..i approached her, apparently she saw the word "Jamiyah Children's Home" on the tin, she jus walked off saying "i don't support muslims". like ELLO? who carez abt religion if ur kind enough to spare a thought for the children in that home?! geez.

it was REALLY a nice experience i guess..i wouldn't mind doing flag day again soon as my left arm's aching...!!! my tin was AT LEAST 4/5 filled *smirks*. cool cool stuff. i enjoyed it. ;)

was really tired yesterday cos after that, went for lunch, went to my cousin's place..jumping boucing dancing around to whatever songs on power98 then...yes that's crazy. lol then not more than half an hour later we went to play badminton...more like lazing around...keep missing the shuttlecock n keep going "oh man im so tired" loL!

Ice Mocha
went to delifrance earlier for tea break...trying to keep up with my ate a slice of cheesecake instead of my normal chocolate croissant. :p n had iced cafe mocha...well jus felt that it was a bit more bitter there than the cafe in CMPB :p (i think chuntsen daphne cassandra n kenneth remembers that one lol) the ice mocha there was much tastier.. *laughs* i hav 2 get that if i go there again lolx. :p miss that drink! k feeling a bit nutto over iced mocha...!

Friday, February 14, 2003

i SO love this song... ;)

Richard Marx & Donna Lewis - At The Beginning

We were strangers
Starting out on a journey
Never dreaming what we'd have to go through
Now here we are
And I'm suddenly standing
At the beginning with you

No one told me I was going to find you
Unexpected, what you did to my heart
When I lost hope
You were there to remind me
This is the start

Life is a road, and I want to keep going
Love is a river I want to keep flowing
Life is a road, now and forever
Wonderful journey
I'll be there when the world stops turning
I'll be there when the storm is through
At the end I want to be standing at the beginning
With you

We were strangers
On a crazy adventure
Never dreaming how are dreams could come true
Now here we stand
Unafraid of the future
At the beginning with you

And life is a road, and I want to keep going
Love is a river I want to keep flowing
Life is a road, now and forever
Wonderful journey
I'll be there when the world stops turning
I'll be there when the storm is through
At the end I want to be standing at the beginning
With you

I knew there was somebody somewhere
Like me alone in the dark
Now I know my dream will live on
I've been waiting so long
Nothing's going to tear us apart

And life is a road and I want to going
Love is a river I want to keep flowing
Life is a road, now and forever
Wonderful journey
I'll be there when the world stops turning
I'll be there when the storm is through
In the end I want to be standing at the beginning
With you

And life is a road, and I want to keep going
Love is a river I want to keep going on
Starting out on a journey
Life is a road and I want to keep going
Love is a river I want to keep flowing
In the end I want to be standing at the beginning
With you

happy vday u all ;) *hugs every1*

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Blue Crush

just caught it on DVD just a while bro bought it u's gotten me influenced!! oops :p i mean..well i feel like going cycling now...or jogging....or swimming...or even surfing if any1's willing to teach :p i wanna go US or surf. i mean like WHOA look at the waves they have there!! look at the waves we have here!! it's like elementary school surfing in sg...n highest college in US/Aus. lolx. well u know what i mean ;) im jus feeling so sporty, having nothing to do. the movie was great! i mean well it was funny...and really....influential. lolx. go catch the dvd/vcd if u can. it's brilliant. n Kate Bosworth (she's called Anne Marie in the show) was really...pretty in the show. brilliant brilliant. thumbs up. :p

btw, flag day on sat....we'll be at parkway parade. but apparently i'm half a year away from my 14th bday so im not allowed to hold the tin (?!) so im gonna be doing it together with my 15-yr-old friend. lolx. ah well. if u pop on by, donate by dollars, kayz. :p lmao!

song of the day: o-town - i showed her

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

y'noe, today we finally had our lit play...n every1 else's was so hilarious. ours was so plain and serious. tho' the only part some ppl giggled a little was when i stuck my tongue out while pretending to 'quarrel' with Oberon, King Of Shadows...that's about it. the rest was silence. when our play ended, they were waiting for the next scene. i forgot to slow down, i forgot a few of my words n jus jumbled them up tho they still meant the same. i was the one making the most mistakes. i felt like so horrid. felt like i forgot to exaggerate. that was prolly our only chance of making it funny, which didn't happen bcos of me. felt like we're gonna get the lowest marks for this than any1 else. ack. dead.

well..we had our chinese ca today..which was absolutely the reason for not blogging yesterday...i was only online for merely 20 mins which i cant believe it myself :p i was like on, chk email, no impt emails, chk blog, chk ppl's blog, chk jr's forum, zoom, gone to study. i was sooo freakin stressed up yesterday...n after studying for a while im like okay resting time. went to grab some crackers...leftovers from CNY. oh wait it's not over yet. :p then when i started listening to radio, slowly slowly losing concentration, losing stress. *grin* which is a gd thing...i guess! and thank god it was easier than i expected it to be tho i can't promise 30&above/35. cos that's ridiculous lol.

mr. singapore 1999
had to attend a pccg workshop yesterday about the making of a champion class. due to having cca last friday, we had to miss that and join another class yesterday, which isn't very erm...i dono. it was pretty fun i guess...but it certainly would've been better if i joined my class. thank god i had 2 other classmates who's in the same state as i am. but well...we were feeling a bit out of place n all that....tho i gotta thank shona for letting us join her table...;)
we had quite a erm...funny coach..coaches luke and luke's the mr singapore 1999 n some NUS man hunt 1997 or sumthing like that. lmao. erm...okay lar not 2 bad. better than average singaporean men, does that count? lmao :p hey im TRYING to lower my xpectations of singaporean man. not bad liao kayz :p
apparently it seemed as tho he keeps picking on me! im like always kanna-ing. tho i was really guai there *rofl* :p hey im serious. :) but it was a really interesting talk i would say...oh oh...n coach luke can go join star search. :p his acting's so...scary...i mean...good lolx. well it is good. there was a part where he started pretending to cry n we got a huge shock cos it was so sudden he started suddenly "WHY U DO THIS TO ME!!" n we're all like jumping outta our chairs like huh? what happened? lolx. it was jus an example tho. ;) oh oh n he came 2 the 3 of us..n he said our class was really very good on friday. keep it up gurlz, luv y'all :)

red packet $$
jus opened my red packets like a few mins back...yes a bit the slow :p WELL...i was erm...slowly patiently counting the number of $2 notes. n yes i hav like $100 frm those $2-notes. which means there were 50 of 'em..n i was there acting like a fool slowly counting LMAO :p sheesh. ah well. pretty satisfied wif the amount i hav, tho i had more las yr lolx. no im serious, it's fine. :p BUT...they're all goin to my bank accnt anyway *sniff* wont c it till im old enuff to hold on to my own bank bk. lolx. but enuff to save my own $$ n save it into my own piggy about like $60 there...lmaoz :p i nid to save up for pressies...clothes...chasing...u noe wad i mean *grin* not my fault. :p

class tee
one last thing b4 i end off for today n log offline...our class were designing a class tee for the whole class..n it's like kinda like a jersey type...n took us really long to agree on the whole thing...n stuff...n now, apparently our FM isn't too happy about us not telling her about our plan for buying a class tee for the whole class...n this morning during morning assembly, our DEAR disicipline mistress was telling the WHOLE school saying that every class should respect their FM n tell them if they r buying class tees. n no1 is supposed to be holding hundreds of money to buy the tee. n our class was like FREAK. now is our FM trying to tell the whole world about us? then today our chairperson told us our VP's gonna talk to us during CME lessons on friday. so erm...i guess we're all prepared for some scolding. but NO WAY are we gonna give up on that tee i tell ya. no way. ah well...anyways im feeling like way MUCH bonded to my class this yr...n it's so cool...bought sweets for every single one of 'em for V-day. gonna gif 'em out on fri. may we get closer!! :p so anyways, i dont quite mind being scolded if the whole class's gonna go thru it together. i mean as long as they dont push the blame JUST ON the class committee members, i'm fine wif dat. :)

Sunday, February 09, 2003

lyrics for thoughts..

don't be scared to fly alone
find a path that is your own
love will open every door
it's in your hands, the world is yours
don't hold back and always know
all the answers will unfold
what are you waiting for
spread your wings and soar

christina aguilera - soar

Saturday, February 08, 2003

yesterday night was fab. :p went for a yu sheng dinner (apologies i dono how 2 translate this to English *blush*). it was fabulous tho there were parts of the food which i still ain't sure what it was but i ate them up anyway *laughs*.

before it all bro n 2 cousins had a glass of red wine at their table n the waitress was about to pour for me n im like HUH? n my uncle (who paid for everything) was like yeah a bit lar. can one la. n im like i had like this TINY bit in this big wine glass. im like ok i'll try a bit. so i tried a bit im like EEW n gave the rest to my dad lmao! it was eeeeeeky...wonder how they drank it. lolx..we had yu sheng first n foremost (duh)...then *thinks* sharks fin..(havent had that in decades! my fave 'good' food u if u noe wad i mean...) then there was abalone (i don quite like abalones...but that one was REALLY good. it wasnt too tough n the gravy...yumyuM! then..there was like 'deep fried king prawn' lolx. it was tasty noodles...then there was this 'sea coconut n pineapple tart' lolx. the sea coconut was pretty good. first time eating it n it's...quite weird lar but pretty nice ;p then for desert...*shrug* we had this bowl of..*shrug* there were...tadpole eggs? lol...n some weird stuff...but i wasnt about to eat it till my cousin convinced me they tasted like jelly *lmao* :p well sure 'nuff. ;p then we had this pineapple+lemon juice...for digestion, they say...n me n my bro n other cousins were like okay YUMMMM SENGGGG n we're like okay let's drink this...den we drank a bit n every1 stopped n showed this face cos it was like extremely sour. lol...n my bro was like WHAT IS THIS!! super lemon! lolx. u noe that sweet :p yeah..den we're like ok let's bottoms up! n drank them all n we're like oww gawd lol. but it was really good. i could drink another cup of it. *grin*

i really enjoyed yesterday..never ending laughter...we were all making each other laugh...n it was really enjoyable...i mean it's not like everyday we could sit around a table have a fabulous dinner and constant laughing were going on...they had something for oldies and me n ANOTHER cousin were pretty lost in there...all the beetles...beegees...OTT...take that...n clay richard(?!) lolx. *laughs* i only know a few of the beetles songs...n they were like going deeper grams was describing to the older people how me n THAT cousin were like when we were young n im like er...why're we goin back to the history? lolx...she was sayin i loved to whine when my bro bullies me when im younger...he keeps tickling me...hitting me n stuff...n i'll whine n whine even tho it doesnt hurt. lol...n my cousin always cries when her bro bullies her. lolx. so it wasn't er...very nice for us if they went on about it *smiles* :p

then we went to my uncle's place for photographs n usual like we do every was a brilliant brilliant as it was, i wouldnt mind if it lasted forever. ah well...

in regards for not havin song of the day for so many entries (whoops), i'll do a top5 for today *grin*
Top 5 of the day:
1) Atomic Kitten - Walking On Water
2) Sugababes - Angels With Dirty Faces
3) Ja Rule feat Ashanti - Mesmerize
4) Counting Crows feat. Vanessa Carlton - Big Yellow Taxi
5) BBMak - Staring Into Space

Thursday, February 06, 2003

ah..some people jus loves pissing me think i was in such gd mood...n to that person, u noe hu u r, i dont nid u help. i can jus buy it myself anyway.

today's art lesson was like one of the best so far. lolx. it was really relaxing...really cool..u didn't hav to worry about much..cos we were doing some adobe photoshop thingies. yes, during art. lolx. *shrug*

anyways was havin a bad hair day :p think i woke up from the 'wrong side of the bed'. lol well u know what i mean. it was like all standing up, bouncing up n all those kinda thing. so i had it tied in a super short ponytail..wait, pigstail...n at the end of school, my ex-d&t teacher came to me n went "aiyo what happen to ur hair?" lol. so malu. :p ah well...!!

i was practically crazy the whole of the start of the day, we had comp studies which was absolutely fine cos there was PLENTY of freetime *grin* n yea was wonderin what website to do for the project...we cud do on ANYTHING u im like pretty stuck here...boybands? or what? gimme ideas!! ;p

then we had some life science thingies...which was absolutely boring. cos the lecturer was like...*shrug* i was like yawning n yawnin n my eyes were half friend next to me (who happens to be our chairman) almos fell asleep! yikes lol. havin lecture again next thurs. god. help us. positive the practicals would be pretty fun...playin around with surprised my friends were so enthusiastic about it. i wasn't initially...till she gave us a clearer image of what we'd be doing..:p

then we had maths..which was pretty cool too! :p i finally caught up...finally appreciating the maths teacher...(she's a relief teacher..) and our HOD of maths pop by to hav a look at our lesson too...and she jus gave us this surprise quiz which isn't too bad. i had full marks *grin*

then art...blahz...then was pretty alright bcos it was just the other groups presenting their suspense stories...and was funny to see them sabo each other...and insult some teachers *smirks* i shan't elaborate on those. well our eng teacher had nothing planned on that day anyway. so we didnt have any lessons *lol* that was cool. :p

then we had higher chinese lessons...we had this spelling n im like totally lost halfway. geez. bless me. :p and we got back our chinese compre test which was a bit sucky...but hey compared to my prev year's was goooooood :p 17/20 *beams*

anyways, i never knew John Vito & Jill are in singapore...:p they'll be on power98 tmr morning..:p so i was like begging denise to record it down *laughs* i sooo wanna hear 'em..they were my fave couple on *grin* can't wait!

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

currently in school this moment...was about to mention about my friend in the previous entry...we weren't in very good terms for a while...then we made up which i thank god we did...or i'll never know what problems she's actually facing.. it appears that she has terrible family problems..which aren't too nice to be mentioned here. so yeah...which makes me reflect n only problem is with regards to my grams...which isn't much of a big problem cos she prolly nagged out of concern anyway. (i noe i'll think im mad to actually type this the next time im pissed) but yeah..*shrugs* the chat with her probably knocked some sense into me, making me realise that the problems i have are the slightest compared to hers. well...appreciate ur family i guess!

gonna have art so sick of prepared 2 fail it...what diff does it make since i failed my prev exercise anyway... 1.5/5. lolx. that's PATHETIC man. when i actually did try my best for quite a bit...*sigh* that was pretty discouraging. sick sick sick!

Ain't no asian in you 0%

How azn are u?
brought to you by Quizilla
eh? but but...i AM asian!! ;p

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

oh man i typed out one wholeeeeeeeeee chunk n the thing jus went "page cannot be displayed" lolx. im SO tired of blogging. *bishes blogger" aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhhhh :p whatever manz. guess ill blog if i hav time *yawn*

p/s: lizzy, happie bday ;)

song of the day : robbie williams - handsome man (ooh this song SO rox :p)

Sunday, February 02, 2003

ahh kayz samantha's finally in my link :p (sorry gal din noe i was linked to urs...n havent chked urs out b4 at first heh)

anyways been really bz lately..with visiting n so tired..gonna snooze off after this *grin*

well on friday we had reunion dinner...honestly i was pretty pissed off with this uncle of mine who was practically showin off...about chinese who really cares about that, honestly? lolx. he's like tryin to say we HAVE to admit defeat n stuff. eekz. ask me something about the radio. i'll noe better than him. :p but anyways the dinner was absolutely yummy. :p it was nice to meet every1 i guess...

yesterday...went visiting...n back home...pretty much boring...but the angpows were accumulating. lmao:p so it wasnt too bad afterall. *laughs* was wearing something really sweet yesterday. til i cant believe i wore that. lmao :p i'll see if the picture comes out. but i defo wun scan it out here lolx. it'll be relli embarrassing.

today's the most boring so far. i was sooo hoping i cud come back home n jus use the comp. lol :p oh i watched robbie's escapology b4 i went was dying for him to come back to hav another concert. i wanna go this time :p tho' he's got AP..but it's obvious he's superb on stage. like duh lol. i seriously wudnt mind ronan either u know? *hint hint* lolx. think im gonna catch shanghai knight tmr...*shrugs* i don wanna lie around at home!! im so bored. lolx. prolly pop by my bro's workplace too. *grin* go kop some adidas shoes or something. lmao. :p