Monday, March 31, 2003

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Sunday, March 30, 2003

don't u just love this song's lyrics. i think it rox.

"Shut Up" by Kelly Osbourne

You say, I should do it differently.
I don't necessarily agree.
Stand up! Sit down! Be nice!
Did ya hear me ask for your advice?

Don't bother trying to tell me your beliefs.
Your point of veiw is pretty straight to me.
Do this! Do that! On track!
Do me a favor and don't talk back!

Round and round,
But the conversation always ends where it began.
Round and round,
And I need a vacation.
My god, I've had it from you!

Shut up!
Don't want to hear your voice.
Shut up!
I'm sick of all the noise.
There's nothing you can say to me,
So get away from me.
Shut up!

Blah Blah, Blah Blah, Blah Blah, Blah Blah.

That's what,
It sounds like you said to me.
You nag and you brag and I gag,
There's so much beauty in what we have.

You must have better things that you can do.
Or just,
Love all around me too.
What you want, What I need.
Oh please!
I think you get off on hearing yourself speak.

Round and round,
But the conversation always ends where it began.
Round and round,
And I need a vacation.
My god, I've had it from you!

Shut up!
Don't want to hear your voice.
Shut up!
I'm sick of all the noise.
There's nothing you can say to me,
So get away from me.
Shut up!

Don't want to be polite.
It's messed up,
How you always think you're right.
There's nothing you can say,
That's gonna change the way I am.
Shut up!

Round and round,
But the conversation always ends where it began.
Round and round,
And I need a vacation.
My god, I've had it from you!

Shut up!
Don't want to hear your voice.
Shut up!
I'm sick of all the noise.
There's nothing you can say to me,
So get away from me.
Shut up!

Don't want to be polite.
It's messed up,
How you always think you're right.
There's nothing you can say,
That's gonna change the way I am.
Shut up!

Saturday, March 29, 2003

eeps pardon me. haven't blogged properly lately. heh.

anyway, on thursday, i received a msg about being able to go back to school to collect whatever books left under our tables. being ol' "careful" me, i took a cab there *cheers* grabbed money from my mum and went to hail a cab...geez. bless me. the cab driver was so terribly rude towards others. k maybe not his passenger (which is me yay!). but there was this cab which was incidentally blocking his route to drive a curved end towards the other direction. then the cab realised and promptly turn towards the heading straight direction. despite the driver of the other cab being considerate enough to immediately turn and get out of his way, my driver refused to let him go without some "face". he honked at that driver and gave him that block-my-way-for-what look. then, being satisfied to show him some "face", he happily drove off. *sighs* when he was asking me where TKGS (tanjong katong girls school) is, he was like "near where?" like giving me that tell-me-or-too-bad-ur-getting-off tone. geez hell. i'd rather hail another cab thank you. but being tight on my budget, i only had 20bucks with me then, i only had to tell him politely making him drive faster. *shudders*

when i got my books already, i got out of school by the back gate, and stood some area where the cabs could see me, and just stood there, trying to flag a cab down. much to my exasperation, so many cabs just saw me flagging and happily drove off even though they were empty. hey thanks a lot. lol. they were NOT on call. gee. then this white cab (u guys know what type that is yeah? :D) this driver was so polite. exactly opposite the one i took to school! lol. hmm.. anyway, he greeted me 'good morning' when i got in and politely asked where i was heading. then he considerately asked me if i'd like to listen to any radio stations. Typically anna, asked for Power98. *grin* even though it wasn't in any of the stations he 'stored' in there, he switched and switched and tuned and tuned until he got to 98.0FM. *grin* then here comes the irritation. :p i was happily listening to the music when he started chatting with another driver through some sort of walkie-talkie, and there was always this loud signal whereby it meant the other driver is going to speak. gee. i think he got my i-am-irritated msg. lol. so he stopped after a while. so erm...i pretty much enjoyed the rest of my journey home. :p who wouldn't? :)

anyway, yesterday, one of my uncles came when my grandmother went off to another auntie's birthday or something along that line. then he started showing some stuff he bought at $65. wasn't too sure what it was, but it had something to do with a sink. and being typically my dad, he'll always look pretty amazed, but thank god deep inside him, he's wise enough not wanting to buy every single thing my uncle show off to him. *phew* :p
anyway, then my uncle asked why i didn't go out.
thinking he must have been some dummy not to know about SARS(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), i went rudely, "got SARS go out for what?".
Being the dummy i thought he was, he shot back without thinking, "Got SARS why cannot go out?" LOL i was about to burst out laughing. i went, "Cos i don't want to die?" if he doesnt know there's no cure, i am absolutely speechless. :p
then he went, "oh i thought you very brave one, so you're scared of death also lah?"
I went, "If you're so brave, but your life ends, what's the point of being brave?" (esp when u did not sacrifice anything dat good before you die, like saving some1's life or something. u get what i mean ;) )
he was like, "oh so you're not so brave lah?" lol for your info, i believe that had no context with what i just said. lol.
anyway, i just replied saying "so brave but die already, then what's the point?"
he went, "you'll die sooner or later anyway."
and i was like, "then i rather die later."
i mean if you could die later, and you're enjoying your life right now (yes i am enjoying my life. i love my life. i hate ppl who ask if you can die why not die earlier. :p), why'd you wanna die so early. enjoy what's planned ahead for you. gee. there're many things i'm longing to do but i haven't. and i haven't seen any part of the world (apart from m'sia and thailand. yes i am pathetic) so i'm gonna live till i've seen it. :p and to whoever's reading this, don't ever tell me if you wanna commit suicide, cos i'll be laughing at you. :)

song of the day: aaliyah - miss you

Friday, March 28, 2003

quiz galore!

Find your inner Smurf!

lol no that's not true

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? er kay.

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Are you a yaoi fangirl?
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now that is SO wrong. lol

Are you a conspiracy theorist?

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Which dog breed are you?

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ooooh aint that doggie such a cutie pie? *smiles*

Which Plant Are You?

this quiz was made by Erin

sho shweet ;p

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

i had a lot to blog about but was terribly busy so i kinda missed blogging for a few days..but i'd still like to mention something which happened on monday...

i boarded this bus from my school which was heading paya lebar's MRT station. it seemed pretty packed when i was about to board it till i realised it was pretty empty, just people taking up loads of space. the people behind me were trying to squeeze up while the bus driver commanded us to move to the back. yet, that is not the problem. the front row of seats were only occupied by one person. the only problem was they sat outside, refusing to move in. obviously those who boarded the bus at that bus stop were students, carrying heavy books and all so it'd be pretty inconvenient to move in while the passenger remained sitting at the outer rear, right? but nope, they did not take the initiative to move in, neither did they offer the inner seat to anyone. they just sat there, stared into space, oblivious to whatever was going on. so we could only manage to squeeze a bit. when i was closer to some seats(it was those kind which were facing each other), i tried to walk in between the 2 people's feet. automatically they could've made space for me to walk through, but no they didn't. i was pretty irritated by the ignorant passengers so i couldn't be bothered and just remained standing. as the bus was pretty jerky due to the pretty congested traffic, we, students, with heavy bags and holding on to books, were trying to maintain our balance, but i kinda knocked into some people who were sitted, and one of them turned and stared at me with a face. man i was like "what's ur problem". first they refused to let us in, then they refused to move, yet they get pissed when we knock into them. talk about inconsiderate fellas. then, some kids who were sitted were happily showing off their horridly unbearable ringtones at the maximum volume. i was like "gee get a life. ur ringtone sucks." *shudders* i was SO thankful when i reached my stop. thank god it was only a 10 min ride. or i'd probably die of irritation. lol.

anyways, was pretty freaked out to find out one of my friends is erm bisexual...yeah in my i'm pretty freaked out, being thankful enough i actually adore/idolize so many males. (thank god). kay now i shall proudly announce that they are.... :p Ben, Utt, Clay, (used-to-be) Bosson, Robbie...*thinks* Charlie...erm yeah i can't think now...but yeah. i was really freaked...because -shrugs- she didn't seem the type. she seemed more like the type who'd already have a stead instead. was really hard to accept the fact and absorb that information about her...loads happened on the way to my OTHER friend's place for project today....all that chatting with her was freaking me out...*shrug* i mean we can't blame them...but it freaks me out. esp when it's someone u know pretty well.....

anyways, it was fun today at my friend's place...:p we reached her place at about 3...had TV Lunch :p we were watching Nickelodeon believe it or not. more specifically, rugrats. lol! i missed that programme! i haven't seen that since i was...10? i dono!! it's been ages!! *grin* her mum was very nice to cook noodles and some fried chicken for us. it was delicious, really. :p and i think we're going there again pretty soon. *smirks* i'm surprised they could follow our schedule and to start at 3.30 right after lunch *laughs*. i thought they'd hang around the television longer. *laughs* kay i m mean. *snort*

i had a lovely time jumping about after realising school doesn't start till 7th april. i was actually set away in my msn and went to had a bath, and came back with 4 SMSes on my mobile and a message left on my msn from my teacher saying "no sch tmr". i'm like WHAT U GOTTA BE KIDDIN! my fren msged me telling me to turn on my television to Channel News Asia, and i saw it! "Latest News: All schools up to JC will be closed until 6th April" i immediately pointed that to my dad with a proud grin on my face, and started jumping about like some lunatic. then i ran to the kitchen and dragged my mum out to see that. then, i rang my friend up (the one whose house we went to this afternoon) and we started screaming together. then she said she wanted to call other people up. then i rang my cousin and all. *laughs* it was really funny because my chinese proj which i had been worrying all day about was due tomorrow! and i'm not really done with it so yeah *grin* so thank god..

but then again, i realised that there were 2 people who i pretty much calmed down already and it's pretty worrying...especially when it's airbourne, u never know who'll get it next. n u never know out of the 69(?) people who got it, who'll be next. *sighs* deepest condolences...

song of the day: dixie chicks - you can't hurry love

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*smiles* good. :p

What month should you have been born in?

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wow cool. but im born in august. hmm

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*starts imitating simon cowell. lol j/k. :P

Saturday, March 22, 2003

Yesterday, my school held a cheerleading competition. I know my class practised real hard and all, because i always hear this announcement which goes "cheerleaders, stay back...". I knew they would do well, juding from the previous practices. Just before the competition starts, everyone was consoling one another, telling one another not to panick, smile, have fun out there, which was the most important thing to a cheerleader i guess. They must learn to enjoy themselves out there.

When we watched the Secondary 1s perform, it reminded me of last year's experience, when i was a cheerleader myself (i'm not one this year for your info. :p). Last year's was horrendous. we had a pretty terrible time, everything was very messy. we had no life in our reciting of cheers, we kept forgetting what we were supposed to do, we just kept looking at each other for cues of the next moves, which was really silly. Well, apart from that, we didn't really have a great time out there so it pretty much sucked.

When I saw my class's performance (the rest of us were just backing up for the cheers in case they were out of breath), I was pretty amazed. They remained calm, none of them forgot their steps nor lines. They kept their cool. Nonetheless, the cheer had a few lame parts, funny parts, cool parts, i thought it was really good overall. Now that i've said that, i think i'm pretty confident we'd win the top class cheerleading because i thought the other classes were either not very enthusiastic or they weren't loud enough. Well there were a few pretty cool ones, but then again i thought my class did very well *grin*. *prays for gd results*

Shopping Trivia
Went shopping yesterday *grin*. Was a bit uncomfortable in my new pairs of slippers :p but then again, got used to it. I don't quite think it contributed to the aching of my foot after the long shopping trivia though. Anyway, went to Cathay Cineleisure first, then I figured that all of a sudden there were loads and loads of europeans/eurasians entering and exiting the place. When i looked down to the basement, they were actually having this breakdance competition. I haven't seen a live breakdance competition so i thought why not stay to watch it for a little while, and i found it really cool! :p i only managed to see one group's performance but they did REALLY good. they're in the finals i heard. so good luck to them!
So i walked around cathay, realising that despite many trips to cathay, my cousin and i always missed a lot of shops in there as we only go to Burger King...or Long John's Silver or the movie theatre itself, or Sembawang Music. there wasn't really any other shops we entered. So i had a little exploring about when i was there :p

After a while i hopped to the Heeren shops, which then again, i realised a couple of great shops which we missed. :p I entered Flash & Splash realising quite a couple of clothes there were appealling to me but i didn't have the cash! :p it was like a mix of billabong, ripcurl and roxy shop, which was really cool. (yes i still want my boardshorts *snort*). anyway, then went to 37degrees which then again i thought was a new shop lol. they had a lot of halters, boardshorts, tops...suddenly i felt like i was in some shopping mall which sold boardshorts in every shop outlet. lol.

after all that exploring, i got out of it realising there was some fashion 'show' going on. they were advertising a couple of clothes from the Heeren shops. then when i walked down the streets, there was this small stall set up which was giving away cups of the new Coca-Cola flavour so i got a cup to sample (but i'm sorry to say i can't really tell much difference). :p Then there was this outlet where they were advertising Glow by J.Lo (i wanna get that! my friend's got it for 10 bucks and it smelt pretty nice!) and i was standing there staring at the lady hoping she'd give me one of those slips to smell the fragrance, but she sorta like saw me as some ignorant young lass who won't be interested so she just turned her head away. *glares* ah well, i'll get it someway somehow, and very soon. *grin*

Miss Singapore Universe
i had a few peeks at the telecast on television last night and to my horror, a few ladies went terribly out of point towards the questions that they were being asked. I thought andrea d'cruz and the other guy (who's that? lol) who hosted were erm...good at commenting their replies regardless if they replied them correctly or not.

there was one questions which went something like "what's the greatest advice your family member gave you, and which family member gave it to you?" this girl went "my greatest advice is my mother. she...." ?? erm wait, how did a mother become an advice?

one went like "When did you last cry when you were happy?". one girl went "there was once when my junior college, raffles junior college, was versus nanyang junior college and it was a tough match. we practised really hard and we finally beat them. i was so happy i cried and i went like "woohoo!" (*blinks*)." she actually said that woohoo thing. lol. that was pretty hilarious. whoever watching it at my house just burst out into laughter. :p

one went like "What would you cook if you had to prepare 3 courses for a meal (for your bf or something liek that i didn't really catch that)?" this girl went "first i'd cook shepherd's pie, then salad with vegetables and fruits in it for a healthy combination, and.....laksa." *stares* erm. shepherd's pie would fill my stomach enough, thank u. lol. and laksa?! that boyfriend of hers sure has a huge appetite! lol.

well...the girl who has a gr8 appetite bf won anyway. lol. what do you expect if fann wong's one of the judges? she can't speak english well either for heaven's sake. i thought celeste or jun deserved it much better. :p ah well. miss singapore anyway. nothing much to expect from it.

my aunt was telling my cousin (not seige) to join the contest the next time round and she was like responding to the war question in this manner, "oh don't ask me such juvenile questions man. oh wait, DO YOU understand the meaning of juvenile?" that'd be a gd way to shoot at fann wong really. *laughs* and my cousin and i were like "war? what war?" :p we'll probably all get kicked out before the show started anyway. :p

song of the day: clay aiken - somewhere out there :p
p/s: ahh my bro's back to working. lol.

Friday, March 21, 2003

now i thot i was pink...hmm

these are taken off here

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yay *cheers* lol

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i didn't quite like the last qn thankiew v much.. lol

taken off here

take the butt quiz.

and go to why not visit the site of someone who made a quiz about butts?

eeps. totally wrong. wrong wrong wrong.

take the nyu type quiz.

and then browse around because laura is cool. what does this quiz say of me...? lol...erm no i didnt quite enjoy this quiz ;P

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

i'm so irritated. the war's started. dumb war! what's saddam hussein's prob anyway...and what's with the war? war can't solve anything. war kills. that's all it does! so if the innocent ppl gets killed, whose fault will it be now? gee. war, mass destruction, chemical/biological weapons. what good do they do?

it's prolly too late to worry anyway...argh

i caught the bachelor 2 las night...figured it was pretty alright but i presume in the later stage there's gonna be much more flirtation around. *laughs* and i finally watched one whole episode of small ville. :p which is pretty brilliant so i figured i won't miss the next epi. i'll probably tape it down. :p half the time my brother was swooning over kristin kreuk. now, why is it wrong for ME to swoon over guys when he's around? :p *rofl* ah well...but it really was a fantastic show. thought i was silly to tell people i dont find interest in the show when i haven't watched a full episode of it. ;p

song of the day: bon jovi - all about loving you

it's been a pretty crazy week so far~! i haven't gotten any time to actually blog! :p
well i went bowling on sunday thus missing all the shows on television such as runaway bride. but it was great to bowl again. terribly missed bowling. :) seemed only yesterday i won all my friends, yet now i've lost to my brother in bowling! :p my dad, my brother and i had 2 games then....the score for the first game was -- 80, 82 and 81 respectively. for the second game, it was 47, 98 and 89! :p terrible terrible!! :p well i had a strike in the second game and my bro had 2 strikes. that explained it all didn't it? *sulks* :p ahhh i wanna go bowling again!!

on monday we went on shopping spree! :p my mum, my bro and I went out for lunch at country manas! (i was dying to go there!) *grin* had a lovely meal there and was terribly full at the end of it! :p of course we didn't miss out my favourite soup -- country mana's chicken soup! lovely!! ;p ooh making me salivarate again here. teehee!
then my mum and i went off to shop...i finally got myself slippers! :p not that i don't have a pair...but i don't have one to go out in. :p it's so me! haha...and a lot of other stuffs...! *grin*

yesterday, my cousin and i did a fax to fax in for MTV Most Wanted! :p we requested for the VJ to dance the ketchup dance *rofl* well it's either Utt had decided not to read ours, or he's avoiding ours because he doesn't want to dance, or it'll be played tomorrow or friday. was really cool cos our fax had a lot of drawings thanks to my cousin, beautifully cartoon-y drawings. :p think if i ever get a chance, i'll scan in for all to see ;)

today i was feeling a little i was about to break down and cry anytime...well the weirdest thing was it wasn't for any apparent reason...i was sarcastic at my cousin and was in fury and all. totally mad and crazy. and i was so moody and i don't know what was going on either. but thank god i returned to my original self. thought i was probably possessed for a while. though it really wasn't obvious to the other people around me. i was like going to cry yet i kept questioning myself why i was crying. *shrugs* thank god the day's almost over! (sorry dear if i was exploding at ya this morning...but it'd still help if u make it on saturday *grin*). well she knows who she is. ;)

song of the day: linkin park - somewhere i belong
p/s:'s forum's new!! it's so brilliant. one of the more classy forums i've seen *grin* just click here to go to it.

Saturday, March 15, 2003

think i did this before...but i'll do it again :) taken off chuntsen's webbie

You are worth exactly: $1,672,020.00.
which approximatey makes me amongst the 11th most expensive girl *rofl*

p/s: decided to change my template again to something more refreshing but i think blogger's mad at me for not putting up the blogger pic below which was supposed to be up long time ago but i forgot. eekz.

it's the school vacation! finally! :p

anyway i had a lovely time this evening reminiscing the past memories with my cousin. we were thinking of 3years back when we first started hanging around (outside our houses) and shopping and catching movies and stuff. it was funny to think that the first time, i was made to ask the bus uncle if the bus was heading towards tampines interchange. then at the theatre, i'd be forced to help her to buy the tickets because she was "paiseh" (shy). we always ate at McDonalds and our favourite hangout was at Tampines Mall or Century Square. i used to not be able to differentiate Tampines Mall from Century Square! :p and whenever i'd like to look at the clothes at a certain shop, she'd be dragging me away because she did not want to enter it. at the theatres, we wanted to buy outside food to eat during the movie because the food there was sold at a higher price yet she told me, "are you sure we can enter with that? what if there's the signal?" (she meant the signal as in those signal at shopping malls which will be alerted when u bring the items there out of the store without paying for it). and i laughed till my stomach hurt yet she didn't think of it as a joke. *faint*

i remember there was once when we saw phyllis quek at tampines mall buying some stuff. i got so excited and i started being on my feet and trying to follow her, which might've been one of the reasons which contributed to others following as well....:p i think i'm grown with the chase-star-gene. :p however, with constant pulling and dragging from my cousin, i lost sight of her not long later. *stares* anyway, now i can't be bothered with singaporean mediacorp artists. lol. oh we saw constance song at this restaurant we were at the other time...think it was in chijmes. lol and we were all like *stare* oh okay constance song...walked out wondering if she's singaporean or not. *laughs*

anyway, we were thinking of how we've open minded we've become, how familiar we are with the surroundings around us. how much later and further we've been hanging out at. how we've learnt not to make fools out of ourselves when we're outside. (though i still practise it sometimes eeps :p) it was funny to think about it. now we're always keeping our cool, trying to be confident and such.

then, i thought of my primary school journals which i kept for fond memories i had of myself. it was really funny to look through them, and since there no "feeling" entries so i went through it together with my cousin and all i mentioned was what i ate, what time i woke up and slept, what i did, what lessons there were...etc. it was really lame and i wrote them as though i was writing a composition with all the adjectives! look at the way i'm writing my blog now! it's so different! :p it appeared to me as if i was so interested in the teachers who read my journals then as i constantly bugged them about their age and their likes and dislikes, especially if they liked fann wong (i think i was TERRIBLY anti-fann wong then :p). i think they were probably bored of my journal entries! :p

well i terribly missed my primary 6 journals which i had my fondest memories and the journal entries were much more memorable and mature than the others. i started all the music sensation, the radio craze, the chasing experiences and such. but i can't seem to find it anywhere. i hope i merely misplaced it and not that it has been gotten rid of! *keeps fingers crossed* ah well, good things always seem to end quick. i miss my primary 6 life. *shrug* i mean apart from homework, there was nothing much to worry about...guess i'd better value my secondary 2 life now or i'm positive i'll regret not appreciating it now.

i'm missing my primary school teachers away...think i'll drop them an email soon if i manage to find their email addresses...because they're teaching the morning session students this year which clashes with my schedule! ah well...think i'll ask my teacher for her age again when i go back to visit them. i haven't gotten her age since i asked her at primary 4!! that's 4 years ago! :p ah well...i'm feeling old when i keep thinking of the past! :p (okay i know most of you reading my blog now are older than me, so? *smirks*)

song of the day: Robbie Williams - Hot Fudge

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

i'm stressed! in sch now but i'm still worrying about my chinese proj (if u've received a survey frm me, u'll know...:p) and i'm gonna rush home today after higher chinese to start on it or i'll never beat the deadline (which is tomorrow if you haven't realised). nope, this isn't THAT much of last minute work because i've been working on it lately but well...probably not early enough...*grumbles* so i'm not gonna blog tonight..(if i can resist the temptation..but usually i can't so..i won't promise that *laughs*)

having the science experiment again...we rotted an orange, took a bit of the fungi, sub-cultured it and now we placed it on a lemon...well basically that's our cross-pathogenicity thing about...and for mine, we sprayed alcohol on the lemon to show that it slows down rotting of it..and it ain't rotting at all so far!! wonder if that's good news really..i wanna see it rot! *laughs* oops. :p

my fren's chking up on 5566...*shudders* oops *ducks from pj* heh. erm okay. no comments.

i'm tired and the lesson's ending...having art later which sucks....*shudders* hope it ain't gonna be a long day for me!!

song of the day: Busted - Losing You (think this is a fab song...n i think pj mentioned abt liking this song :p)
p/s: just realised i posted this exactly 12 hours after my previous one lol..

i'm tired...:p school was pretty cool today i guess...i had my fun during assembly period where we had our pastoral care lessons and our form mistress was once again pretty friend and i were tearing newspaper while she was talking. yikes! :p IPW(inter-disciplinery project work) was pretty horrid too..though it was much better than i thought it might've been. guess I was stressing myself up! plenty of presentations coming up next term...i'll have IPW presentation, a science presentation, a CME (civics and moral education) presentation, English presentation (more like english oral...)...i'm gonna have to get used to presentations!

anyway, i met PJ the Heeren shops...we had a long chat...and had free listening to Busted's album b4 buying it. :p fantastic cd sleeve! love it! :p so we were like thinking of what will happen if they come to Singapore....then started thinking about the concerts....thinking about Robbie's prev trip to so did he hav a showcase or a concert? lol). and poly life...jc life...sec3 everything! it's been long since i've had a long chat with her, really...:) oh popped by to see my brother as well....he got transferred to Heeren today instead of Citylink...(no idea why but probably they needed some people there...) and i got money from him to buy Busted's album! *bounce* i wanted to get Escapology but as pj said...he might come for an autograph i'd better save it for next time ;)

oh and a few lessons i've learnt during pastoral care lesson today...think i'm being egoistic at times...i'm pretty much like my form mistress as she confessed how egoistic she is...i wouldn't apologise to things and admit that they are my fault especially when they are huge issues...but when they're tiny ones like banging into a friend or something, i'll apologise till the sky falls. (lol that's exaggerated but u know what i mean ;p) think i gotta learn. but it'll take plenty or time. months or even years...actually i wouldn't think i am egoistic till today. i'll find faults with that person if i knew i was in the wrong. but i'll never say "okay i realised my mistake. i'm sorry." you won't catch me saying that. unless i have something for that person, of course *wink wink*'s pretty much human nature ain't it? :p (pls say yes! :p)

Song of the day: Busted - Britney (*smirks at pj*)
p/s: happie bday shona dear....!

Monday, March 10, 2003

today was so terribly hot!!! popped by the power98fm studios today to collect my daredevil goodie pack while my cousin collected her Final Destination 2 stuffs finally (after constant nagging and whining :p)...and all i got was a daredevil spaghetti top (which was pretty nice...) and a Bullseye magnet. *stares*. i travelled all the way there jus 2 get that. erm. fine. ;) my cousin got this clock, this nice bottle, all-purpose knife...and *thinks* and a bkmark. it's not fair! :p ah well. i still like the top. *grin*

i'm having a Geography test and a Science practical test tomorrow. everyone, now...wish me luck ;)

Song of the day: Good Charlotte - The Anthem

Saturday, March 08, 2003

yesterday was a bit rushy the morning my bro was repeatedly reminding me to go to his shop by like yea i'll try to. i was s'posed to be studying all day due to some inspirational results of his. lol. so i did my stuff till lunch time...then my dad bought Tuxedo i watched it as well (tho i was supposed to do some maths revision then! :p) i remember catching it in the cinemas with my cousin (as always). and i was laughing like terribly loud or something :p esp. the NGs. *laughs* then i carried on doing revision till those guys who were supposed to come fix our air-conditioners which were pretty much down (luckily it was down oni in the morning or e prev night i'd die of heat lolz).

then i went off to city link to catch my bro (with much rushing by him, constant nagging on my mobile lol). my mum wanted to join me as well...and she didn't know the way there! (see how chasing benefits u? Lol...cos i always pop by there when i nidda go to Ritz...irritating lar the stars owaes stay in Ritz..). :p anyways...then when i saw my bro, my bro purposely walked past me n told me to pretend i didn't know him. it was brilliantly funny cos i made him take out diff sizes of this sports shoe i wanted. :p n he had no choice but he constantly told me to hurry bcos he had half day n cud go off at 4...n we were there like nearly 4. ;p then finally decided on the shoe, he took to the counter n left it there. n my mum was still busily chkin out the shirts. :p hahahaa....well we ended up buyin my sports shoe only which my bro paid for *grin*.

then we walked on to flash and splash...which my bro bought jeans there...n i was chking out the board shorts...nothing very impressive and they cost like 60+. ah well. so we decided to buy boardshorts for me next time *grin* ;p anyways then we rushed home bcos we had to go for was my gram's bday..dono 83rd or 84th bday. :p then yea dressed up n stuff n went off....n my uncle was sayin i gotta pay him back in like no im not married. giv angbow very not auspicious (*grin @ my wiseness*). then he's like okay we'll find u a husband. *stares* erm *cough* was a fab dinner...terribly full....getting fatter..:p

n im stressed now..cos i've got like a million art stuff to do!! did all my research tho *grin*. hav to finish this chinese storybk by friday with a report. n ive only finish like 10 pages of it? im gonna die oredi. esp when it's chinese, i'll take longer time to comprehend. think im gonna fail the reports...then i gotta study for my geog test on tues cos i'll mos prob go to power98 tmr after sch to collect my daredevil prize..arghh!! *goes nuts* cant wait for the brilliant march hols. :p

song of the day: Robbie Williams - Cursed

Thursday, March 06, 2003

i luv my bro. im so proudda him. he makes me wanna go jc oredi. *dilemma* make me feel like i shud get off the comp n study. lmao.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Maria Arrendondo – Just A Little Heartache (written by Christian Ingebrigtsen)
I’m about to go crazy
I don’t know what to do
And I can’t get you out of my mind
And my heartbeat is racing
When I see you in school
And I guess I’m in trouble this time

You don’t know how I’m feeling
You don’t know who I am
And I don’t know if you understand

When I see you walk by, there’s this thing in my heart
Because I’ve been in love with you right from the start
But it’s not a big deal; it’s just something I feel
It’s just a little heartache, just a little heartache of mine.

All I want is to hold you
All I need is to know
All I yearn for is one little sign
But I don’t dare to tell you
And I’m too shy to call
So I guess I’m in trouble this time

You don’t know how I’m feeling
You don’t know who I am
And I don’t know if you understand


But whenever I’m lonely
And whenever I’m down
And whenever I’m on my own
I pretend you can hear me
I pretend that you’re mine
But when I open my eyes, you’re gone

Chorus x2

p/s: figured the lyrix myself :)

had a pretty brill day 2dae as well *laughs* goin off to bathe one i've blogged *grin*

today, there isnt our dearest dreaded english lesson, but we'll have it tmr..but it's fine. there's PE tmr! *grin* well the ONLY thing i'm looking forward to i guess...there's project work tmr...*sighs & yawns* boring.
today's geog n maths n chinese were pretty much slacking periods...maths wudn't have been slacking period if i hadnt gotten my question right *grin* proudda myself today for maths again. thank god i aint lagging like i was initially! *whew*
lit was pretty fun again...was pretty much awake till science...wasn't as tho it was boring but i suddenly felt tired n no longer concentrating. then there was our well-deserved wake me up! :p then we had CME CA *laughs* u noe why my day's good? Cos our dear FM wasn't around today *grin* it was gr8 news y'know? :p

anyways, boring stuff aside, during this morning's assembly...while i was doing AVA duty in the foyer, there were sailing girls ready to get their prizes and the sailing teacher-in-charge up there giving out the announcements, telling the pupils what happened n stuff. then one of the girls approached me n a fren (we were doin duty 2gether) that they needed a girl to give our VP the prizes for her to give out to the girls. my fren stepped back and they went "hurry hurry hurry!!" im like okay fine. so i jus went up knowing nuts to do. so i jus practically stood there, giving one prize by one prize to our VP. then the last prize, the teacher announced something about giving the prize to the school as we won a lotta schools..merely losing to only Raffles Instituition...and i stood there, all blur, dono who to give the prize to. i wanted to pass the prize to our VP but i wasnt sure. then the teacher stared at me n giggled n took the prize from me n presented it to the VP. then i quickly rushed off the embarrassed while the sec4s laughed at me (cos only they cud see clearly wad happened). then i was back at the foyer with every1 else...n the teacher was imitating what i was doing up on stage and they all started laughing. im cudn't resist laughing too. but it was darn embarrassing! then after sch, my ex-D&T teacher was saying, wow im so honourable..presenting an award to the school...for SAILING. lmao. im like HEYYYYY.... :p ah embarrassing!!!

cudn't help singing the song away in sch today.. Counting Crows feat. Vanessa Carlton - Big Yellow Taxi

Monday, March 03, 2003

today was like one of the best days in my life this year. gotta mark this day down. 03/03/03. :p brilliant day i had.

firstly, during chinese, it was almos like slacking period..jus do some workbook stuff...which was pretty simple...then on to geography...which was even simpler...jus copy wadever the teacher said...was chatting wif audrey the whole time...then the break...and it was science! science was pretty okay. jus pay attention, highlight the notes...den was fun...the teacher was taking out names of artists and putting them into the characters of "King Of Shadows" which was the lit book we're studying...;) for example there was this "bad boy" so she labelled him as Robbie Williams and stuff...(which prolly explains the fun. lol) n half the time my frens were thinking of what guy to put. lmao!

then on to our dearest most dreaded English lessons, our english teacher wasnt around today!! 2 whole free periods!! too long for me to even think of what to do. lolz. then it was maths...we got back our Maths test..which was a killer...initially only 12 passed (not to count those who bargained for marks, that is *winx*). i got 16.5/25. which totally sucked. but considering the highest to be 18.5, it was okay i guess. i lost a total of 3.5marks due to PURE carelessness...which was inclusive of one question where the CORRECT answer was ALREADY there yet i tried to simplify n it ended as some wrong answer. my god. lol...otherwise i cud've been the top one! *grumbles* WELL, there was a question which our teacher mentioned that only 1 or 2 got it right. which i got it absolutely right! *grinz @ the 'gd!' sign on my paper". it was satisfying. see why im feeling awesome? :p

what's more...there aint homework. n the test im having tmr is CME. lmao! i'd be glad to fail it for our dearest teacher. i wont forget what she labelled us as. "childish and immature". i HATE ppl who thinx we're childish/young kids. n stuff. ah well...not to allow her to spoil my mood, today really calls for celebration. what gr8 day i had. if only the rest of the week would be as good!

song of the day: Robbie Williams - Strong (im sorry. it's 2 in a row. :p)

Sunday, March 02, 2003

heh apologies i havent for yonkz! :p sori sori sorri :p anyways...i finally found out the guy i liked in busted's called Charlie. lmao :p *bishes myself* *cough*, caught Catch Me If You Can...usually i'll giv like my comments..but there's jus too much details in there for me to tell! lol..he became a substitute teacher...then a pilot...then a doctor...then a lawyer...then he pretended to be a cop in front of Carl (tom hanks), then a pilot again...then he got caught...sent to prison...came out n became a pilot for a while...n became a helper in was pretty cool..but not as exciting as i thought it to be....but it was alright....

bought a top *grin* for 12bucks! :) guess i'll wear that to my gram's bday...didnt have much of an idealistic shopping spree today bcos nothing much was appealling...n was in quite a tight budget..i came home with only like $1++ left!! *laughs* wanted to splurge that on ice cream even! but decided not to ;)

just realised the number of ppl who're coming for even more gigs towards the end of the year..i better start far im only aiming for robbie williams....n if nsync or linkin park comes, i wanna go to their concert...!! :p linkin park will be cool...n sync..i SO wanna c them dance live. *g* i jus hope they dont spend the whole concert singing ballads. or i'd rather not go, really. :p but wait, i have to pray hard they come first. but robbie's comfirmed! november! brill brill!! i cant wait! november's such a brilliant time! im expecting the tix to be sold out by the time the concert's any1 who wans 2 go better grab ur tix fast. i wont giv it a miss like i did for his prev! but ah nov's such a long way frm here! *sniff* anyways...caught him on tv...the live in manchester thingies...i sure hope he'd sing those older songs at his concerts!! cos that r the very important entertaining songs he hav to "let me entertain u" n "millenium"...n all that!!

was pissed with my FM yesterday...after she labelled us as "childish and immature". she wanted to disqualify some of our friends for presentations...but wait, it's JUST CME!! lol. i'd be glad to be disqualified really. who carez abt CME anyway! she's so contradicting. one mo, she thinks we're horrid. next mo, she thinks we're talented. what's her problem anyway. i didnt forget the time she told the whole school about SOME CLASS's class tee probs. damn her. :p

awfully looking forward to the march like 2 wks!! im gona hav to catch hot chick, daredevil and maid in manhattan! cant wait for charlie's angels 2 to be out..n there's like so many movies to catch! n so little time! :p eeks. fighting for time here *laughs* well...FREE time that is. not work/study time. *smiles*

song of the day: Robbie Williams - Mr. Bojangles (it's brilliant! :P)